Importance of Product Page SEO

First, let me quote a Forbes article that says, "The best way to be remembered is to be first into your prospect's mind, representing a clear perception."

Undoubtedly, the article is telling everybody that being first is everything in all aspects. Likewise, there is a colossal competition now in the digital world to be ranked first in search engines. Being the first to appear on the search engine results means you get to present what you have to offer to searchers - services, products, and information before anybody else. Thus, the digital world has fondly called the act of optimizing your content in search engines to be ranked first as SEO, search engine optimization. 

Certainly, reading this article, you are curious why it is important to SEO your product page or simply how to make your product page first in search engines.


Let us start with the basics.


What is a product page?

A product page is a page on your online store that displays the items you're trying to sell. The pages will include mainly pictures, descriptions, and prices of the items.


How important is it to optimize my product page in search engines?

We will tell you the degree of importance is as vital as a life and death situation for your online business. Here are the points to remember why you should SEO your product page: (arranged as per importance)


1. You will rank top in search engines

The most crucial factor for an optimized product page is visible on the first page of search engine results (SERP). Bing has reported that website pages on the top of results have 42% of traffic. Then, the second only gets 11%, and the third only has 8% traffic.

The facts mentioned should give you a certain tingle in your heart why there is a need to optimize your product page and your website.

2. Customers will prefer content at the top of search results.

The second important thing to know in optimizing your product page is this - a better ranking in search engine result pages will paint a nicer picture in your potential customers' eyes.

Research done by HubSpot shows that 75% of users don't mind scrolling next to the first page of search results. The data can be proven by ourselves to the way we also search on the internet.

Knowing the customer's preference is at the top of search results, we need to create appealing and optimized content to capture our target market.


3. Business integrity will increase.

Customers never, ever want to be scammed. That is why they only trust high-authority websites. Most of these types of websites are analyzed by Google and have favorable search ranking results.

Developing business integrity is the third most important point why you optimize your product pages. Being on top of the search results increases the chances of having traffic and potential customers and boosts the way searchers see your website as legitimate.  

In simple words, searchers view pages on top of search results as authentic. Also, there is a developed trust and a possible recommendation to other customers if all expectations are met.


4. Savings on paid ads

Marketers' goals to have brand awareness, leads, and other calls to action are costly when run on paid ads. This kind of marketing has lower conversation rates compared to organic searches in search engines. 70% of marketers say that SEO is better than Pay-per-click ads to produce revenue. 

 Ranking top in search engine result pages can effectively cut the costs for advertising your product. Having an optimized page will not only save you expenses but also generate more income.


How can I improve my SEO for product pages?

Here are three effective ways to improve SEO for your product pages:


1. Focus the product page details on the product and the brand

It is essential to know that every text you enter to fill in the details of your product page is considered content. You surely want to be found by searchers that target specifically the services you offer. Unfortunately, a lot of effort is wasted when you write the wrong details. Efforts will come to waste because Google, with all its algorithms, will check the quality and authenticity of the content. If it deems not relevant or not factual, it will not grant any ranking.

There is a need to establish the tone and theme of your website. The whole structure should be consistent with the website and the brand. Additionally, you can plan to invest in an SEO copywriter or content writer to help you with product descriptions and content on your website. Also, A good investment is hiring web developers to help you design the consistent structure and design of the whole website. Each member must effectively collaborate using any available productivity tools.


When your whole website is terrible, the following problems may arise:

  • A low KPI and user-friendliness
  • Redundant contents that may affect rankings in search engines
  • Poor internal linking and page rank crawl experience
  • Low topical authority ( contents cannot be trusted)


A proper structure and sense of consistency on the website will avoid the problems mentioned above.


2. Research diligently on your products with trusted information

You must check that data entered in the product description pages should be factual. The description includes dimensions, color, prices, etc. The function of the product written on the page should be as per how the product works.Below are consequences for unreliable product descriptions:

  • False advertising and labeling of products are punishable by law.
  • Negative and bad reviews
  • The decline of overall website authority


3. Encourage customers to promote the products

A whopping 80% of American consumers check online reviews before purchasing. The reviews help boost confidence in purchasing for other potential customers searching for the same product.

Encourage your customers to write a review and show them on your product page. In addition, other strategies may include having customers write a complete testimonial to have a better trust factor with potential customers.



There is a need for a deeper understanding of how search engines work. However, being truthful and trusting your products can produce small steps for developing authority. Furthermore, trustworthy products and services, including a boosted effort to optimize content in the website, will eventually work itself to gain the trust of your consumers and search engines.