Top 10 Techniques to Boost eCommerce Conversion Rate

E means internet and commerce means a business that is buying and selling goods or services. Therefore e-commerce means buying or selling goods or services over the internet.

The Internet can be used for buying as well as selling goods and services, several websites have come up to perform buying and selling activities.

Goods are tangible assets that can be seen and touched like wheat, pulses, rice, maize from grocery stores, books of stationery shops, cakes, cookies, or biscuits of a bakery are some examples of goods. While on the other hand services are intangible things (economic activities) that can not be seen or touched unlike goods, services can not be seen but can be felt, services directly satisfy human wants Production and consumption of services are done at the same time hence services can be stored and demand of services depends on taste and preference of customers. Examples of some services are getting a haircut at a saloon, car repairing, doctors’ treatment, transportation, insurance, banking, and communication services like postal, mail and telecom, etc.

In modern times not only goods but services can also be purchased or sold using the internet. Now the question arises how services can be exchanged over the internet? So technology has completely changed the way of shopping goods and commodities but in recent years technology has also changed the aspects of service too. For example, We can get a haircut or any other beauty services like manicure, pedicure, etc from the comfort of our homes even we did not need to step out and not only beauty services if we want to eat something that too we can get to our doorsteps from our favorite hotels in fact and if we want to repair something than we can even get trusted elections within minutes.  This is how e-commerce is booming nowadays.


Benefits of e-commerce

Ecommerce has a variety of benefits, some are enlisted below:


  • Convenience

Using an e-commerce website one can shop at his/her convenience. E-commerce websites work 24*7*365 which is a very big advantage in itself which means a customer can buy anything and anytime.


  • Global Access

The major advantage of e-commerce websites is that these are globally recognized, for instance, a traditional shop is restricted to the area in which it is located while on the other hand e-commerce sites are not restricted at all, while the content of e-commerce sites are available to each body across the globe, which can help the business to be more profitable and it will also help the business to gain recognition and fame.

  • Speed

No doubt in e-commerce the exchange of goods and services takes place very fastly because all things happen at a click of a mouse which only takes a fraction of seconds.  This benefit becomes more amazing in the case of products like software, movies, e novels, journals, and music, etc.


  • Affordable advertisement

Traditionally if one opens a shop/store he/she needs to spend a lot on advertisement like publishing templates, banners, and hoarding, etc and the advertising process does not end here one need to work so hard in advertising the shop and explaining to target customers why they should prefer them over his/her competitors. On the other hand, marketing and advertising of e-commerce become easy as many tools can help e-commerce owners to advertise their content.


Top 10 Techniques to Boost eCommerce Conversion Rate.

Ecommerce conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that visited your eCommerce website or landing page. conversion rates are of different types like clicking a link on your site, completing a form or survey, adding products to an online shopping cart, signing up for an email newsletter, or subscribing to a service.

To determine the conversion rate one can get it by Dividing the total number of conversions by the total number of website visitors, then multiplying that figure by 100,

One can also calculate the  average conversion rate by the number of visitor sessions

The question arises: Why is there a need to measure the conversion rate? The answer is simple: In this highly competitive world, every business needs to keep a check on the experience of their customers and have an idea about the drop-down ratio of costumes in their sites. So here is what conversion plays a role.

Following are some Techniques to Boost eCommerce Conversion Rates

1.  Build trust with your customers

While doing any type of business whether traditional or e-business, customer satisfaction is the topmost priority of every businessman. If customers are satisfied they will start trusting you and in any business customers trust is the biggest asset.


2.  Offer free shipping

Free shipping attracts a large number of crowds towards themselves, free shipping always excites customers to shop, shop and shop!!


3.  Easy website set up

Ecommerce websites should have a  fast, simple, and easy-to-understand interface with 24/7 support services which will be useful in attracting customers because all that customers need is services and it will help in increasing the purchasing experience of customers.

4.  Display customer reviews

Likewise, customers are very insecure while making online purchases because they are not sure about the quality of product and even that will do receive they have ordered so in order, to provide a sense of security to our customers who are willing to make a purchase but are not sure, we can ask our customers to provide with reviews related to product and services.


5.  Try to be more informative

Try to provide full information regarding the product like quality, the material used, uses, benefits, and reviews, etc. will help to provide a sense of security to our customers who are willing to make a purchase but are not sure


6.  Write blogs on your merchandise

Creators can even write SEO-based blogs and articles and can publish them on their sites or google, quora, etc. Writing SEO blogs will help in gaining more reach and recognition.  SEO means search engine optimization, so whenever a reader will search a particular keyword your blog will also appear on a google page and reader may while reading have a look at your products and may even become a customer

7.  Use high-quality content

Creators should never compromise on the quality of their videos. Here quality does not mean content quality, quality also means video quality like audio, video, etc.  Content should be attractive, graphics must be excellent because it helps to attract new audiences


8.  Come up with schemes

Every buyer gets fascinated when it's written that a particular commodity is on discount or scheme. So e-commerce may try to come up with these schemes to attract customers. Owners can even advertise their schemes to attract a large audience and make them their customers


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