7 Actionable Ways to Build an Email List for Your E-commerce Business

If you are wondering how to build an email list for your e-commerce business, you are in the right place.


Creating an email list plays a crucial role in your e-commerce business. In fact, several brands are utilizing it as part of their marketing strategy. That's because your email list can help you boost your online sales and save abandoned carts.


Discover how you can effectively grow your email list for your online store in this post:


Why Building an Email List is Important

An email list is a digital version of an old-school paper address book. It is beneficial to communicate and send marketing images to anyone who wants to opt-in.


One of the primary reasons you should build an email list is because you have control over this promotional channel. This means you can segment your list or move it to another platform if needed. You are the only one who has a connection with your subscribers.


You do not have to rely on your ad spend, social media, or search algorithms to reach your target audience. You need to know how to grow your email list effectively.

1. Place Opt-in Forms Strategically

Although an obvious strategy is placing a signup link on your site's homepage, it can also help if you place an opt-in form. If customers are new to your online store and want to hear more from you, they should be able to sign up quickly in front of your homepage.


How do you place your email opt-in form in the right place? Here are three ideal sections on your e-commerce site where you can place an email sign up form:


  • Header or Navigation Bar
  • Sidebar
  • Website Footer

2. Entice Users with Offers and Discounts

Discounts can be appealing to your customers, and it's a foolproof way to create a list of customers who want value for their money.


Offering discounts is perhaps one of the most classic moves in your email list playbook and is very effective. Before visitors subscribe to your email list, they'll be thinking about what's in it for them.


That said, you have to ensure that you are offering something that your customers cannot resist. An excellent example would be a discount that they can use for their next purchase. Doing so will make it easy to encourage customers to subscribe to your email.

3. Produce Valuable Lead Magnets

Running an e-commerce business is an excellent idea if you're keen on generating revenue. However, many people are pretty skeptical about new online stores.


This is one of the primary reasons there are plenty of low conversion rates. Fortunately, a lead magnet will convert a site visitor into a paying customer.


An excellent example of a lead magnet for your e-commerce business would be a gift guide. Site visitors will have to fill in a signup form to enjoy this information.

4. Start a Referral Program

Acquiring new customers can be expensive. Not to mention, it's more challenging to convince them to want to sign up on your email list.


Fortunately, your existing emailing subscribers are already quite familiar with your store. They're also aware of what prospective subscribers benefit from if they get into it as well.


So, take advantage of that opportunity by enticing customers to your store using a referral program.

5. Host Giveaways and Contests

Another effective email list-building strategy that you can use is doing a promo. That's because free stuff always captures a person's attention. That way, you'll be getting enough email addresses to build your email list.


So, now is the perfect time to offer a product sample or free e-book for free. Make sure it gives them value. After catching their attention and email address, you'll have a higher chance of converting them into paying customers. This is regardless if the promo has ended.

6. Incorporate Gamification

If you want to create your dream email list, offering regular discounts won't do as much as you can try to think out of the box.


There are not many tools available to help you build an interactive signup form. As such, you can gamify your email subscription process.


Gamification builds positive emotions like happiness and excitement. It also builds anticipation since it provides when a user does an activity.


Most users are probably wary of getting unwanted marketing emails in their inbox, making them reluctant to share their email with you. Fortunately, gamification changes their perspective on the value and usefulness of submitting their email.


On the other hand, it allows you to understand your audience's behavior and preferences. This can help create better email marketing strategies and drive more conversions.

7. Create Exit-intent Popups

If your entrance popup signup doesn't work the way you intended, exit-intent popups might do the trick.


Many online shoppers are hesitant and take time to ease with your e-commerce store. That's where exit-intent popups come in. When users leave your site, it will instantly trigger a signup form.


Similar to your entrance popup, make it more engaging by placing irresistible deals and discounts to retain customers.


Over to You

Email marketing can help improve your e-commerce sales and customer engagement. That's because the people who will subscribe to your email show intent to do business with you again.


So, when done right, you can use email marketing to foster customer loyalty.


That said, your email list will be one of your most significant assets for building a thriving online store.