AI Chatbots in UAE: Potential Benefits of Conversational AI

Chatbots, also known as virtual assistants or conversational AI, are designed to provide answers and services to users in the form of natural language conversations. According to Gartner's latest report, in the UAE and across the globe, chatbots are on the rise and expected to grow over 500% by 2021. Here's what you need to know about this evolving technology and how it can improve your business processes in the future.


How does Conversational AI help businesses?

With the increasing popularity of social media platforms, chatbots are now the center of business messaging. With the rapid growth of AI technologies and the development of more effective conversational bots, companies can get a leg up on their competition by interacting with customers personally. Ultimately, these technologies are well worth investing in because they can help boost revenue, market share, and customer loyalty.


Is it the right time to use an AI chatbot for companies?

Yes, there are so many benefits of using AI chatbots for businesses. According to the most recent surveys in UAE, almost 80% of the business uses digital technologies, including virtual assistants and other AI-based applications. Companies have reduced operational costs and increased their revenue by adopting an AI chatbot for UAE. Benefits to companies can be innumerable:

  • A business will have an easier time recruiting a customer service staff with help from increasingly more capable bots handling more complex customer inquiries.
  • Interaction and Sales Improved: Chatbots allow you to contact customers from other channels. Bots can be utilized to heighten customer engagement with personalized tips and promotional offers.
  • Gaining more profound insights into your customer's behavior: Your customers typically do not speak to your business. Chatbots track what bothers your customers the most, helping you know how to improve your products and services.
  • Given how popular messaging bots like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger are, reaching new customers is relatively easy. Becoming a frequent user of these technologies helps companies establish new connections and relationships with potential customers who might not otherwise want to make contact by email or phone.
  • These actionable perks will ultimately lead to more customer satisfaction, sales, and referrals.


Use Cases of Chatbot Software for Customers

  • Speedy and identical responses: There is no certainty that all customer service reps are answering customers in the same way, making responses rapid and consistent. In such cases, if the customer service rep is not helpful, the customer may call back and see if the next rep is better.
  • Recorded Responses: Answering a customer service call, the caller might leave without a record of the call, while most people prefer not to be recorded. A customer can take a screenshot whenever she pleases to have a memento of the conversation or challenge an answer the bot gave.
  • Instant transactions: the actions of a bot such as changing or querying records happen almost instantaneously.
  • Empathetic approach: Customer service representatives and customers can sometimes lose their temper, but no customer will outmatch a chatbot's perseverance.
  • Programmability: Since most people are on digital platforms for most of their waking hours, bots can be used to automate everyday tasks such as scheduling meetings and performing advanced searches.
  • One of the best perks here is its 24-hour support, but on the other hand, highlighting this puts the business at risk in cases where its chatbot system may experience downtimes.


Where to find out more about Chatbot Development Services in UAE?

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