6 Best Shopify Plugins for Your Ecommerce Site

Shopify plugins are a great way to make your ecommerce site more user-friendly and increase conversion rates.


There are many different kinds of Shopify plugins, but the most popular ones help you manage your customers’ data. These plugins allow you to import customer information from various platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or even your email database. They also provide functionality for managing inventory and shipping costs.


Other types of Shopify plugins can help you with marketing, SEO optimization, and creating an online store.


When choosing which Shopify Plugins to install for your ecommerce site, you must choose carefully. After all, too many plugins can affect how fast your website operates, and you want to ensure that the plugins you have are all necessary for your ecommerce site to function at its best.


That’s why this article suggests a few noteworthy ecommerce Shopify plugins that are worth including on your site.

1.   Nudgify

The fear of missing out, also known as FOMO, is a social phenomenon that can happen by seeing other people’s posts about fun and exciting experiences. This phenomenon can make the user feel left out and might even lead to them buying a product or service to feel included.


This phenomenon is why you should consider looking into a FOMO plugin for Shopify; to help your ecommerce site create this experience for your customers. Luckily, you don’t have to look that far to find one, as Nudgify is here to help.


Nudgify is a social proof app that creates these experiences that can “nudge” your customer in the right direction. They have different manners of achieving this:


  • Displaying reviews and customer testimonials
  • Live pop-up for every sale
  • Low stock notification
  • Countdowns or discount nudges


There are many more ways that Nudgify can push your customers into converting simply by letting them in on the information that they wouldn’t have otherwise known. Therefore, if you want to create that FOMO experience, then consider adding this to your shop.

2. Recharge

Some products aren’t in the traditional buy-and-sell format. It would help if you accommodated different types of payment schemes these days to be able to get more sales. For example, there’s the Subscription approach.


A subscription payment approach is a business model where customers pay for a service regularly. The customer pays the same amount each time and is entitled to uninterrupted service.


Many benefits come with using this type of payment method, including lower risk for the merchant and higher conversion rates for the customer.


If this payment method is something that you want to establish on your site, then you can use the plugin Recharge Subscriptions on Shopify to help you. With this plugin, it becomes easier to set up a subscription payment on your site, so it’s up and running as soon as possible.

3. Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Customer testimonials are a crucial part of an ecommerce site. They help create trust, establish credibility, and reassure potential customers that they are buying from a reputable company.


A plugin like “Loox Product Reviews and Photos” can be helpful for your ecommerce sites to display customer testimonials on their site. This plugin is available for purchase on Shopify’s app store and is easy to use.


They are the best way for a customer to know about the quality of a product before they buy it. When customers see that other people like their product, they are more likely to buy it too.


You can use Loox to help you get customer testimonials from their customers. This plugin will make collecting customer feedback easier and help you publish these reviews on your website and social media pages.

4. Shoelace

Digital marketing is a broad area that covers many different aspects of marketing.


If you are running an ecommerce store, you need a digital marketing partner with expertise in SEO. Shopify has some plugins that can help you get started with your digital marketing approaches for your business.


One of them would be Shoelace, which can help you with digital marketing, including paid marketing and advertising. You can get ads on multiple platforms, such as Google and other social media platforms, with the help of Shoelace, which is time-saving and convenient for you.

5. Sales Rocket

If you have specific sales needs for your store, then Sales Rocket can help you.


Sales Rocket is an excellent Shopify plugin when you need help with sales issues, such as customer retention and lead generation. It has many features that can help you with different parts of your ecommerce website management in the sales and marketing realm. Therefore, you can make the most of your monthly subscription to this plugin.

6. Infinite Options

For ecommerce stores with highly customizable products, Infinite Options is an app you must have in your Shopify store.


Personalized experiences are all about giving customers the feeling of being appreciated. It is the key to customer satisfaction.


You can create these personalized experiences using Shopify plugins that provide a better customer experience. The plugin will help make more personalized product recommendations, improve customer service, and increase conversions to your store.


With Infinite Options, you can give more customizability options on your store’s product pages so that your customers get what they want and you get more conversions. It’s a win-win for all parties involved in the transaction.



These Shopify plugins all have their place in making an ecommerce store more enjoyable for customers and easy to set up and manage for business owners. If you are planning on upgrading your shop by investing in it more, these Shopify plugins are a worthwhile investment that can make your life much easier, so consider buying them.