Why Does the Time a Subscriber Spends Reading an Email on a Mobile Device Need to Be Considered?

Importance of Reading an Email on Mobile Devices

The growing popularity of smart-phones has helped usher in the trend of mobile marketing. For years, we heard about how much potential it had, but with iPhones and Android devices finding themselves in the hands of more consumers, mobile marketing has gone from a catchy buzz term to a reality. For marketers with plans of targeting the segment of consumers who use these devices to read email, there is much that needs to be taken into account. The amount of time they actually spend reading those messages is among the most important.

Consumers are Short on Time

The ultimate appeal of smart-phones is that they offer the ability to do so much on the go. Today's mobile devices are capable of playing console quality games, retrieving directions, and nearly delivering the web experience in all its glory. The key phrase marketers need to keep in mind is "on the go" If you are someone who believes subscribers are pressed for time when viewing email on their desktop, then consider that time even more endangered when viewing it

on their mobile device. This is a factor that should emphasize the importance of keeping your message short and to the point. The most important elements of your email, including your call to action, should be above the fold and summed up as fast as possible.

Your Time is Precious, Too

According to statistics, email is one of the most popular features among mobile devices users. This is not surprising at all because a vast majority of smart-phones are either equipped with their own mail client, or support applications developed by third-party companies. While these devices are highly capable of delivering the email experience, you have to remember that smaller screens and limited features mean subscribers will not be able to view your message in the same manner as they would on their desktop. This can actually turn out to be a good thing as it gives you the opportunity to make an impact with a simpler approach while doing away with elements that will make reading your message a more time consuming endeavor. In addition, it allows you to save yourself some precious time on crafting your message in the process.

Not Everyone is Ready For Mobile Marketing

One could argue that what consumers intend to do with their mobile device is more important than the time issue. Even if someone willingly signed up for your mobile campaign, that doesn't necessarily mean they are prepared to interact with your marketing content on this platform.

Believe it or not, but some consumers actually purchase these devices to perform common functions such as making phone calls. Sure, many are attracted to the nice touch screen and comfy keyboard, but some are not aware of all the capabilities these devices have. For example, while most smart-phones have video capabilities, statistics show that very few consumers actually use them to interact with video content. It is important for marketers to understand this and discover ways to effectively engage consumers through mobile in order to get the most from their marketing efforts.