Working Smarter By Building a List Online

One of the first things anyone who intends to work online should consider is building a list. Although many reject the idea of list building because it 'appears' to inhibit the selling process it is actually a very effective marketing strategy. In fact list building is also a very efficient way to build a business when you consider how important yet time consuming generating traffic can be.

Here are 3 of the greatest 'efficiencies' this strategy offers any online entrepreneur in terms of how it interacts with the process of generating traffic!


Except for building a squeeze page and writing a series of email messages for your auto responder there is little time invested in list building. In fact the squeeze page should take no time at all since you want to keep both the content and graphics to an absolute minimum. Now you have the ability to make contact with a limitless amount of people through the automation of your auto responder service. The best part is anything you promote can be done through a short message simplifying the selling process!


Attracting and selling new customers takes not only time but a lot of energy as well. Implementing new marketing strategies or writing sales copy can drain anybody and doing this continually can be downright exhausting. List building is a very effective marketing strategy in terms of allowing people to become more familiar with you and therefore more receptive to any promotional messages you send. It is important to remember very little effort needs to be put into copy writing when corresponding by email with people! In this way you are being more efficient with how you expend your energy!


As noted above attracting new customers can be exhausting. On the other hand when collecting the contact information of traffic already generated you have the opportunity to promote to them time and again! Now you do not have to depend upon generating 'fresh' new traffic every time you have something to offer. Couple with the fact that you have developed some sort of relationship with these people this results in making the selling process so much easier and that more effective for you!

Building a list when working online is not only a very effective marketing strategy but it offers efficiencies in the area of traffic generation. Although many have an aversion to list building due to their feeling it interferes with the selling process the discussion above hopefully helps to debunk that myth. Looking closer it appears that this strategy not makes it possible for you to reuse traffic in an efficient manner but also actually 'enhances' the selling process once it is given the chance.