Yahoo Help : Yahoo Flickr Safety Guides

Flickr is one of the most popular applications provided by Yahoo around the world. It is used for sharing videos and photos over the internet. Though yahoo Flickr is updated user friendly application still in case any time you face any problem with Flickr you can acquire easy flickr help by dialing yahoo service number.

Today, over the Flickr the upload rate of photos is 7,000 photos per minute. Flickr allows user to share their photos with family and friends or around the world, it's up to the users to whom he/she wants to share their photos and videos. Millions of users are sharing their photos and videos that they have created with uniqueness around the world.

Flickr can be joined by the person who is 13 or older than that. The person with the age of 13 to 17 has some certain restrictions for their safety, including the types of communities and group they can access and who can see their content over the internet.

For having the account on Flickr one should be the registered user on Yahoo. A user needs ID and password for accessing the Flickr account. A user has to choose a screen name, which should be public and can be searchable and visible to all. It will display on your profile picture or you will join any group or community, it will also display when you will make any comment on picture of another user.

Flickr is such a nice place to share your memories and the talent of capturing the pictures, but all these there's one more thing you should be aware about being the safety guides. Always keep your settings proper on Flickr account so that you will keep your Flickr account under the privacy controls. To review the settings, user can visit the Flickr account page which has some important sections which are as follows:

Photo Privacy Settings: The users can adjust the default privacy settings to control who can see their photos and videos. The privacy level of any specific photo or video can also be changed by clicking on info icon of the specific video or photo, then choose an option in the drop-down: Private, Public, Family, Friends, or Family & Friends.

Commenting Controls on Photos: A user can control the comments on your public videos and photos that who can comment on it. If by default anyone is able to comment on your photos but you can change the privacy settings for comments. If someone post a comment which you don't like then you have the option of deleting it.

EXIF Data Settings for Photos: Exif data is a record of the settings of a digital camera which you used for capturing photos or videos. The data include the type of camera, focal length, location, apertures and many other things. This EXIF data is displayed as information on your photo page, and can be accessed by people and downloadable with your photos. In privacy settings you can change the EXIF data display setting and make it according to your choice.

Location Sharing of Photos: Flickr has the feature of geotagging, which will display the location of your public photos on the map. When you post any picture it will show the location of the photo where it was taken. If you don't want to disclose the location, change the location privacy for your photos, with special privacy setting for private places.

There are further interesting and advanced features of Flickr anyone who has an account on yahoo can use this features of Flickr.