5 Top Lead Nurturing Campaign Strategies

You provided the valuable content which generated high-profile leads for the sales team and now is the time to nurture these leads. Nurturing leads is also a part of marketing strategy as many of the B2B leads take their time for making crucial decisions. There are many decision makers involved in this case who have to be on the same page and give a green signal for the buying process.  You have to maintain a good rapport with these leads for converting them as a sale for your organization. Nurture them with high professionalism and structure it in your prospects database for contacting them in the near future.

Lead nurturing should not be too aggressive as it might put off the customers. You just have to maintain a separate database for these leads and be in regular conversation with them by sharing educational content, videos, attractive and relevant images with information about the product, etc.

The Lead Nurturing Process has to be adjusted frequently for providing best business results. As per a survey, almost 41% of the respondents conveyed that they adjust their lead nurturing campaign every month:

Some of the tactics which you can use are:

1. Thank You page

A heart-warming and pleasing thank you page greatly helps in nurturing leads. Whether they say it or not all the customers like to be well-treated and a nice thank you page make them feel worthwhile. As a marketer, you have to keep in mind that to pave the path for the leads through the sales funnel is a continuous work process, and you have to make the approach the best one to hit the right chord with the customer.

A well-designed thank you page can be the first step in this approach.

The eye-catching visuals, basic information, with CTA like encouraging friends for the sign-up process can make the lead nurturing procedure a delightful experience.

2. Webinars

IBM, the tech giant, uses webinars for both gaining and nurturing leads. The website of this company is filled with webinars which teach you about IBM as well as the entire IT industry. They have a belief that webinars capture the customer’s attention in the best possible way. All the informative lessons about the products are provided in this webinar, which acts as the knowledgeable content for the leads.

3. Alignment of Sales and Marketing Approach:

As per a report, it was found that when both the marketing and sales team share the high responsibility of lead nurturing, then it increases the number of opportunities.

Almost 89% of the companies, after aligning their sales and marketing efforts in the lead nurturing found that it increased their opportunities

The email strategy and the content can be planned as per that to make a well-planned collection of videos, images, content, etc.

4. Humanizing The Brand

Humanizing your brand is required in any marketing approach.

You can see the above example where the brand has kept the message short and engaging. It not only motivates the customers for keeping in touch but also humanizes the brand in a very creative way. The brand believes in charity and has kept the message of shoe donations at the bottom of the image.

5. Using Emails In Different Ways

The email content should not be completely promotional. Nobody will be interested to know the history of your company, or about your product in every mail. From the above example, you can see there are many emails send by the HubSpot where there are different categories of content such as product reviews, content to be downloaded, valuable free content. Each of the emails is different and has a call to action. You will surely want to categorize your emails in the same format, shooting out to the recipients with invitations, free gifts, call to action, education, etc.

Wrap up:

Leads nurturing is an on-going and vital process where regular interaction with leads are needed. You have to be on the top-of-mind of these customers so when they are ready for the purchase, you will be the first one to whom they will approach. An approach with the right strategy will help the entire cycle of good sales conversion.