Should You Revamp Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

Email marketing is a firm favorite for many marketers. It’s cost-effective and can be highly effective. The success rates can be something of a hit and miss, but that’s all part of the game. Or, at least, that’s what we’ve all been led to believe.

We’re told that email scanning programs and anti-virus tech will prevent the delivery of a lot of these emails. We’re also told that our prospects are more likely to ignore unknown emails because of cybersecurity concerns. As a result, we accept that a dismal opening rate is normal.

That’s a pity because, with some simple tweaks, you can create stellar campaigns every time. Many businesses fall into the same trap – they hone their campaigns until they find a winning template. Using that template in future emails saves time, but can also result in stagnant campaigns.

In digital marketing today, you have to be fresh and interesting every time. You have to move with the trends. If you don’t you could be left flogging a dead horse on Twitter instead of taking advantage of the Instagram boom.

So, should you revamp your email marketing campaigns? In my opinion, nine times out of ten, the answer is going to be a firm, “Yes.” If you’re not sure where to start, I’ve got a great suggestion for you – go through the infographic below.

Every fact is evidence-based and will give you a clearer understanding of how people deal with emails. How do they react? What causes them to open an email? What puts them off about an email? You’ll learn all of that in the infographic.

When you’ve come to a basic understanding of how your prospects view emails, you’ll understand how to create more compelling campaigns. And, in case you’re still wondering where to from here, the IG contains actionable tips that you can start implementing today to improve your CTR.