Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing: Let’s check who is the winner?

We all have one doubt? Which marketing helps our business to get good results is it social media or Email Marketing? Of course, we use both methods, but the question is from which type we are getting enough ROI? Email or Social Media! Let’s check it out.

As per 2018 statistics, there are 4.3 billion internet users in the world; it means nearly half of the planet is using the internet on a regular basis. In that, nearly 60% of people are using social media.

As per the image, social media users are less compared to email users. Does u know why? There is a reason behind that. To access or create a social media account we need an email. But there is no need of having a social media account for every email. This is why there are more email users compared to social media.

But social media users are increasing gradually, in the last one year there is a huge increase in social media users which was recorded as 320 million in just a year. This huge increase in users can’t beat email marketing.

Let’s consider the top three social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is nearly 1.9 billion unique monthly visitors for Facebook, 600 Million for Twitter and 317 million users Instagram.

But people check their emails frequently compared to social media. In fact, more than 60% of internet users check their email first and then check their social accounts. Some people even have a habit of checking emails after waking up. As per the survey in 2017, 9 out of 10 email users will check their inbox at least once a day. Now everyone had an idea about why email marketing is important.

Performance Comparison of Email Marketing and Social Media

User’s based on the AGE

Whatever the business is, all the age group people are not going to involve. Only certain age groups people will be involved in a certain business, like 90% of business professionals will be between the ages of 25 to 55. So now let’s check the user’s age in both platforms.

As per the above image the age between 25 to 64 who are professional people or business people using emails more than social media. Only children are attracted to social media that is why social media users are nearly equal to email users in the age chart of 15 to 24. From the age of 25 many people get into their professional life, it is the right age where our promotions and business takes place. So as per the above survey, most of the professional people use email compared to social media.

Which Drives More Sales: Email Marketing or Social Media Marketing?

As we already discussed Email Marketing is used by more professional people compared to Social Media. 80% of email users subscribe to newsletters of their loveable brands. It can’t be the same in social media, people follow the brands in social media but they are not really interested in them. This single point shows us that email marketing gives more results compared to Social Media Marketing.

Nearly all industries use Email Marketing to promote themselves and make more conversions. There are certain industries that are using Email Marketing more compared to other industries.

  • Healthcare Industry: It is one of the largest businesses on the planet. This business is having no limits. As per the survey in 2017, Health Care Email Deliveries are more compared to other promotions.
  • Education Industry: We all know the importance of education. Without education, no one can survive these days. Due to this situation, in the last 5-years education industry became a hugely profitable business. Education Emails and Selling agencies of Education Email Lists are also increased a lot.
  • As per the survey, these 2 industries are at the top and cannot be beaten by any other industry.


Advantages of Email Marketing Over Social Media Marketing

  1. In Email Marketing, based on our email database or email lists we will target the customers. All those customers are potential towards that particular product or brand. So when we send promotional Emails, maximum people open and give responses to that Email. But this is not the case in Social Media. In social media when we start a campaign we can target interested people but there is no assurance of what the customer is really interested in? This why people prefer Email Marketing as their main channel for promotions.


  1. When we start a campaign using Email Marketing, we only target the customers who are really interested. As a result, the Open Rate and Click-through rate will be high. When it comes to Social Media Campaign we cannot expect the conversion rate.


  1. Cost is very less to perform Email Campaigns. In fact, there are many Email Services that provide 2000 to 3000 free emails per month. But we should invest to run a campaign on social media. Compared to Email Marketing it is quite expensive.


  1. Good Return on Investment, when it comes it Email Marketing the ROI is quite impressive. As per the survey, each dollar we spent in email marketing will be returned as 38 dollars. It is near 4000% returns.


As per the statistics, Email Marketing reach is higher. But with social media, we can set the trends. If anything goes viral we can easily get the attention of billions of customers, but this is not possible with Email Marketing. So every technique has its own advantages and disadvantages.