Writing Marketing Emails: Top 5 Tips to Skyrocket Open Rates

What I learned from subscribing to about a hundred newsletters is that there are many that I will open and more that I will not. Now, there’s no specific formula as to what makes a person open an email, but there are some concepts and phrases that will urge people to read your newsletter. With that said, here are 5 tips that will help skyrocket your marketing email open rates:


1. Offer a really good discount.

Personally, I don’t open anything that says 10% off because I would rather wait for the half off email. Instead of offering small discounts, make it count by emailing discounts during clearance sales or holiday sales. People are more likely to open emails when it’s worth their money.


2. Do not threaten them.

The human mind dislikes being overtly manipulated. Every time I see an email that says I will lose money or I will regret it, it simply annoys me. It makes people feel small and angry when they see negative words on their emails. Instead, you should write a subject with a call to action with a benefit. People respond positively to seeing the benefits of opening an email instead of the bad things that will happen if they don’t.


3. Choose the best day and time to open emails.

The best days to send an email is on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Out of the three, Tuesday is the best day because most people open newsletters on this day. If you plan to send another one, Thursday is the second best. You can test out these days if you’d like. People also open emails at 6 am, 10 am, 2 pm, and 8 pm. You can test these out as well.


4. Decide how often you should send emails.

Now, how often should you send emails? While you’re starting, you should try it once a week, then twice a week. The key is to check the data. If people open emails less, go for once a month. The reason why people don’t open emails as often is that they still haven’t read the last one. If they are excited about an email, they will open it. If they are bombarded by emails from the same company, they will archive, delete, or send it to spam no matter how good the information is.


5. Use call to actions and relatable words in your subject line.

When sending emails, the subject line is the most important part. People open emails with big discounts and offers, but they also open emails with information they need. You need to watch the trends and see which questions people are asking the most at any period so you can be the first to answer them.


Now, when you get right down to it, these people subscribed to your newsletter because they trust you. Don’t take advantage of that trust by filling their inbox with useless emails. Marketing emails are supposed to be opened and by following these tips, your open rates will surely skyrocket.