How to Use Customer Data to Personalize Email Subject Lines & Content?

How do you personalize an email subject line?

We are a part of a digital economy. Customer demands, buying patterns, preferences, and expectations are quite diverse. Therefore, there is a large volume of data that is being generated in the digital world. Businesses across the world have to interact with their customers. They have to adapt to the changing demands, expectations, buying patterns or choices of the customers. Customer engagement is most important in today’s world and it is only possible if we have enough customer data. Personalized and targeted campaigns have the potential to perform better. As per one of the reports, it is believed that personalization may urge the customers to buy more. If personalized methods are used, there are approximately chances of the customers to spend more than they wanted to initially. 


Use Data drove personalization for better results

In the competitive world, every business has to curate personalized content and communications to lure customers. The recommendations and experiences which are specially curated for the customers are the keys to business success. However, personalization is only possible after understanding the customers. Therefore, the customers will have to collect a large variety of data to understand the customers. The businesses will have to use and implement data-driven strategies. After knowing the customers and target audiences' information, the businesses are in a better position to deliver attractive messaging. As per some of the reports, it is believed that for most marketers, the main priority is to enhance customer experiences. The enhancement of the experience is the core of marketing strategies. 


Marketing experts are using a wide range of customer data. The purpose of using the data is clear, the marketers want to understand the customers so that the marketers could create better campaigns for marketing outreach. Though, already businesses had been using some traditional personalization techniques, like using the name of the customers or their birthdays and anniversary dates. But, now, personalization techniques have matured. As there is a huge pool of information now, thus, the marketers have the opportunity to create richer customer experiences.


Personalizing the email marketing campaigns 

Digital marketing includes a wide range of different marketing methods like social media marketing, email marketing, etc. For every type of digital marketing, personalization us turning out to play a pivotal role. Personalization allows marketers to get better results and more traction. Thus, marketers are keen to use personalized methods of communication. 


Personalization the email subject line and content 

Email marketing is one of the most common and trusted methods of marketing. Email marketing has been in the business for quite a few years and it is expected to be only more and more popular soon. As the number of email users is increasing, therefore, the demand and need for email marketing campaigns would be higher. However, there are a few things that the email marketers have to keep in mind to make sure that they get more click rates.


Your email should standout 

Every email user gets a whole lot of emails daily. Most of the time, all of us, don’t even read the marketing emails and simply scroll down? Isn’t that true? Therefore, if the email marketer has to make sure that the email gets the clicks, he or she has to put a lot of effort into it. The email should stand out. It has to have something extra to catch the fancy of the customers. A generic email surely won’t work, unless you have developed a very special bond with the customers. Therefore, it is always suggested to curate unique emails that have chances to attract customers. And, one of the best ways to make the emails unique is by personalizing them. 


Focus on the Subject Line 

The subject line has a lot of power and significance. It influences the readers to take a call, of whether he or she should read the email or scroll down. So, if you want your customers or the target audience to open your emails, you need to make sure your Subject Line is banged on! First of all, it has to very crisp, don’t try to overdo. Second of all, it has to be personalized. 


Personalizing the subject lines as per the customer data is a great way to strike a chord with the customers. Though, when we talk about personalization, adding a name is not enough. Personalized emails contain a lot more personalized information for the customers or the target audience than just the name. 


Add what they like 

To build a strong and efficient personalized campaign, you would have to study customer insights. Based on the insights, you would be required to add intersecting and attractive stuff in the email and the subject line. The subject line and the body of the email should contain the things that interest a customer. So, first of all, you would have to understand what does your customer like. 


For example, say you run a food delivery business or a Java application, and as per your customers' ordering pattern, you realize that the customer is more interested in buying desserts. Then, while curating personalized email for the customer, you may want to add the new and trending desserts or the restaurants. Even the subject line can have something catchy for the customer. So, the email has to be ‘for the customer’ 


Although, adding the first name may sound a little old, but it still works. So, there is no doubt that you can curate much more effective emails using the customer data, but you may want to keep using the names as well. Apart from that, one of the key things to add in the email subject and body is something that interests the customers. That is the only way you can get the customer to open and read the email, which is your ultimate goal. So, make sure you deep dive into the customer data to create powerful personalized campaigns.