7 Tools That Help to Make A Successful Email Campaign

Marketing channels and trends change with time, through this Email communication is not getting as much attention as a social media platform because of its privacy. Although, email communication is also essential from the perspective of market experts.

Because of this Many email marketing services are improving their connection with potential customers in terms of privacy. But this improvement is only possible by applying different kinds of tools. Various companies settle themselves for this condition as they don’t believe in investing in tools. 

However, nowadays many tools are there which don’t have to be expensive. Even some of them are free and you can have plenty of such tools for saving your money and time. These tools are easily available online for Email marketing companies.


7 Free Email Campaigning Tools That Are Beneficial 

Read on the top Email campaign tools for enhancing the email marketing services. create a successful marketing campaign by applying these tools-


1. Sendinblue

It is a kind of marketing communication platform that works as an email marketing tool and additional feature both. It is used for landing page creation and customer relationship management by email marketing services. It has over 70 design templates that will be helpful to make an interactive email. It has a free plan of up to 300 emails each day and the paid plan starts from $25 monthly.


2. SendPulse

This is known for a multi-channel marketing platform that is very much popular. It consists of various professionally designed templates for email including a drag and drops editor. It has a subscriber rating feature for analyzing the most essential subscribers and email marketing services. It helps you to identify the open and click rates, and real & unread rate of every subscriber. In the free plan, it has 15,000 emails daily and up to 25,000 subscribers whereas the paid plans start from $7.88 monthly.


3. Omnisend

It is a type of urbane e-commerce marketing platform to add all the communication platforms in one place. It permits the user to conduct your email delivery automatically using the behavioral triggers. Use its comprehensive audiences’ insights for more related messages of email marketing services. It has a free plan of up to 2,000 emails daily and 15,00 emails monthly.


4. Benchmark Email

Email marketing companies use this as a great option for designing responsive emails that will look great in terms of view. You can also add images to the email and can edit them on the platform. You can use the code editor for making emails from scratch for more HTML savvy. The dual-view feature allows you to see the entire email creation procedure. It comes with a free plan with 14,000 emails and 2,000 subscribers monthly and the paid plan includes $13.99 monthly.  


5. MailerLite

It includes features such as- pop-up customizer and landing page builder that makes this tool different from others in the market in terms of email marketing services. It has a rich text editor and built-in photo editor for creating responsive landing pages for matching them with the emails that you send for improving the driving conversion’s chances. The free plan of this tool involves 12,000 emails and 1,000 subscribers monthly.    


6. Mailchimp

This tool works as a lead email marketing tool to provide you basic features of email marketing like email creation and development. These smart features offer you appreciated audience insights for augmenting the marketing efforts. Designing emails is quite easy on this platform by using the content manager for storing images and easy file access. Through this, you can send out easily the welcome emails, abandoned cart reminders, order confirmations, and many more. It includes a free plan up to 10,000 emails and 2,000 subscribers monthly and paid plans start from $9.99 monthly.


7. Mailjet

It comes with collaborative and intuitive tools for email marketing companies for helping them to build impressive email marketing campaigns. You can personalize any pre-designed template and can make responsive emails for any device. You will love the real-time collaboration feature for having seamless collaboration. This tool will also permit you to add dynamic content for creating relevant and customized emails for every recipient.

It helps you to get better results through your email marketing campaigns. Also, you can add the platform into your CRM and can manage the mailing list by a single dashboard. The free plan includes up to 6,000 emails and unlimited contacts monthly and the paid plan starts from $8.69 monthly.  



These email marketing tools are very useful for having a successful email campaign as it needs dedication and a lot of work. Also, it requires lots of investment sometimes, but there are free ones too you can try. You can use these email marketing tools for creating, sending, analyzing, optimizing, and reporting to their email campaigns. These above-mentioned tools are top email marketing tools for having impressive email marketing services