Tips To Craft the Perfect Email That Gets Clicked and Read

With its emergence as a popular means to communicate with people in as early as 1973, email or electronic mail has been a dominant method for businesses to market themselves. Some people out there consider email marketing to be dead due to social media and other online platforms, achieving a lot of prominence in recent times. However, they can’t be any further from the truth.


The fact is that email marketing today is still a very lucrative method to earn returns on your investment, generate leads, and make sales. According to a recent study by OptinMonster, over 126.7 trillion emails are expected to be sent in 2022, 90% of people over the age of 15 in the US use emails, and inbox placement rate for emails is 85%.


Furthermore, the average open rate is 22.86%, and click-through rate is 3.71%, which makes it considerably better than social media.


In light of this information, let’s look at some of the ways you can make your emails more attractive for audiences to guarantee high opening rates as well as generating a response from them.

Tips for Crafting Emails That People Actually Open & Read

The following strategies take into consideration not only the content within your email but also the subject lines as well. A lot of times, you need to grasp the attention of users before they actually click your email and read through it. In order to do it, you are indefinitely required to improve the subject lines of your emails.

1.   Building Immense Curiosity

It is important to realize that the aspect of making someone curious plays well if you understand their preferences. What do they like? What subjects and topics they are interested in?


And what gets them excited? If you understand your customer well, you can get to pitch your emails in a way that they simply become too irresistible. The idea is to ask them burning questions that they would very much like to be answered.


Here are some examples for you to try:

  • The Best Meal Deals in Town, Wanna Know More?
  • Stock for New Album is expected to Run Low! Want a Preorder?
  • The Best Tourist Destinations in 2020! Want to Learn More?
  • Cheap Car Deals With Additional Perks, Plan a Visit?

Compulsive & Inducing Vanity

Another great way to go about crafting emails is to play along the lines of human compulsive traits. These are the ones that trigger responses and solely play on the various aspects of human behavior that gets your audience involved even when they don’t initially want to take any action. Aiding this tactic is also vanity.


Believe it or not, vanity is pretty common nowadays, all thanks to social media where people love to partake in self-love acts, even though it is often defined as a cardinal sin by many Biblical references. Marketing can be crude like this sometimes and say whatever you want to say, what works cannot be simply denied.


Here are some examples to get your readers committed:

  • Wear These Styles to Stun the Crowd
  • Products That Celebs are Chasing After
  • Making the Most of Your Savings This Year
  • Age-Defying Beauty Hacks

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Fear of Missing Out is another brilliant strategy that you can use and incorporate in your email marketing mix. This is a form of social anxiety that is stemmed from the belief that others are having the best time of their lives while a person is missing out on all the hype that is happening around them.


Most of us have the desire to be relevant and be viewed as someone who is connected socially with others as well as be viewed as an upbeat person. These psychological implications can be taken a step further by designing emails that induce FOMO in others.


Don’t believe me? Try these out yourself:

  • Last Day To Score Big On Store Sale
  • [WEEKEND ONLY] Buy This NOW before its gone!
  • This DEAL Disappears at Midnight!
  • Special Invitation Expires Tomorrow!
  • People are Spending BIG MONEY on This!

Humorous & Pun Intended

Humorous and funny taglines, along with intended puns or even the use of emojis can help you to break the ice and make people feel lighthearted. We all have busy schedules and tormenting workload to go throughout our days, and it feels really nice to share a laugh with a friend. Email writing is an art and science both mixed up together.


Humor is backed by both science and human feelings, so it makes it a great match for your email marketing tactic. However, good humor is often hard to come by, which is why I would request to take precaution, especially so that none of your recipients feels annoyed or even discriminated by your content.


Make sure humor is where everyone laughs, and no one feels humiliated. Here are some examples for you to try:

  • Screw It! Let’s Just Give Free Stuff to Everyone! (taken from Chubbie’s Julyber Monday)
  • Are You A Genius? You Could Be (taken from the Dollar Shave Club’s 2012 commercial)
  • C’mon, its Friday & You’re Killing Time Anyways (taken from RebelsMarket)
  • Options That Pair Nicely With Your Wallet (also taken from RebelsMarket)
  • We See Something Awesome in Your Future (taken from Birchbox)

Inducing Desire & Greed

We all have our cravings, while they can vary from one person to another, there is no doubt that there are certain areas of interest where simply cannot let a good offer pass by. This is again playing on our psychological implications.


As a marketer, you need to understand these invisible forces that can, at times, guide people to make choices and take actions.


Let’s say there is a football fanatic who is willing to spend good money on merchandise. Next up, you give them an offer to avail a reasonable discount on a new set of gear which they simply cannot refuse.


Here, this will make it easier for you to understand what I am saying:

  • Your Loyalty with Us Guarantees Outstanding Rewards!
  • Your Monthly Discount Is Ready!
  • We are Pleased to Offer You This Surprise Deal!
  • Major Savings throughout This WEEK!
  • Buy One Get One Free Offer!

Personalized & Intimacy

There is a great deal that you can achieve if you are just simply willing to step out and remove that steely tone of voice from the way you communicate. Instead of making things uncomfortable for your customers as well, it is best that you find much friendlier and intimate terms to convey your message.


This makes the environment and the air between you less tense and opens doors to extend your hand further to form a lifelong friendship. Furthermore, customized and personalized emails that cater to specific needs, preferences, and longings of a customer also are quite impactful.


Take the following, for instance:

  • Hi John, It’s been a while…
  • 10 Overlooked Boozes Your Bartender Wants You To Order
  • These Selected Ties Will Compliment All Your Dress Shirts
  • Time for You To Take A Break
  • Ideal Dining Spots for You and Your Date

Notorious & Shocking

Ok, so now this may not be a go-to option for your email marketing strategy. However, if you follow the current trends and stay up to date, then a lot of news that you come across can actually help you pitch your emails in unique and interesting ways. Presenting a notorious or shocking event and then tying it with your marketing strategy takes some thinking and creativity.


Nevertheless, once you hit the right notes with notoriety, your emails can quickly become the next bit hit like the One Pound Fish song that hit the UK music industry a while back.


Here are some pointers to get you going:

  • Why Your 5-Year Old is More Digital Than Most CMOs
  • Marketing Can Suck, If You Don’t Think Local
  • Is Everyone Gay: Social Media vs Social Action
  • Diana a Murder Mystery or Purely Accident
  • Food Items Restaurants Are Poisoning You With

Straight Forward & Direct to the Point

At times you just need to be plain, simple, and offer your viewers exactly what you are offering. The message is crafted in such a way that it is concise and to the point without ever finding the need to beat around the same bush. This makes your viewers instantly recognize what is in store for them and that your email is no-nonsense type.


Many customers and prospects would agree to receive such kinds of emails, considering that we all have busy schedules to follow through our days. No one has the time to waste their effort on something that is truly unfavorable or contains little value for them.

Take a look at these examples:

  • Couples Spa Package
  • Your Print Order is Being Processed
  • Thank You for Signing Up with…
  • Items In Your Cart
  • Your Request Has Been Approved

Using Numbers to Attract Attention

Lastly, since we are living in the 21st Century, a lot of us have our minds hardwired to pick out important details and skim through the rest of the content. The age of information technology has offered us an overabundance of content these days that the masses simply cannot consume.


That is why each one of us knows where to look for information and evade countless ads that we are bombarded on websites, social media, smartphone messages, and even emails.


However, one thing that breaks the chain of these instinctive responses is numbers. They stand out, deliver a power statement, and instantly get recognition from viewers. Furthermore, even students who post requests to professionals to write my dissertation ask them to include facts and figures in their papers as it brings in a ton of authority and credibility to their work.


Don’t believe it; here try out a couple of these examples yourself:

  • 25% Discount on Your Next Order
  • 11 Tips To Surpass 1000 followers on Social Media platforms
  • 6 Ways to Save Big on Your Purchases
  • Top 8 Tech Gadgets for Your Homes & Offices
  • Surefire Ways to Make $1 Million In Annual Profits


Email marketing requires you to be crafty. While there is no rocket science involved, there are verily many ways to tweak your subject lines and compose your message in a way that clicks with your audience. Longer emails make your customers weary. Hence it is best that you stick to a concise format and mention the most important part of our message as precisely as possible.


People tend to retain information that is snappy, short, and easy to digest. I hope this post was able to offer some great insights as to how you can craft the perfect email to get more clicks and elicit responses from your customers and users.