6 Killer Tips to Get Your Email Marketing Campaigns Noticed is good

If you are strategizing your marketing mix, the most essential factor is emails. But why, as you may wonder? Well, as we know, it is the easiest and most responsive way to approach customers, considering that about and 85 percent of the global audience and 91 percent of the US have an existing email address and check their inboxes on a daily basis. Therefore if you’re actually trying to communicate with the audience and generate revenue, then email marketing is an undeniably best of all.

 We are sure that you may be having a bunch of queries on how to start an email campaign. When should the emails be sent to people? How to build a potential email list? How can the process be beneficial and enriching? We suggest you sit back and educate yourself on different factors of email marketing that will help in building a killer email program. These will help you to increase subscriber rates, engagement, and ROI across your campaigns.

  1. Build faith before you pitch: Before you begin the journey of email marketing, we would like to tell you the success of any campaign is solely dependent on its compelling content and genuineness. So if you want the readers to take an interest in your campaign and response, choose to build trust first. It always works. You can trust us! Most email newsletters that are sent by marketers lack an exciting pitch, which makes them dull to read. Make sure your pitch is nicely loaded with cookie contentso that readers take interest and begin to enjoy everything you send. By building trust along with catchy content, the campaign will witness fruitful results. 

  2. Go for personalized messages: Always choose to send a warm welcome email early in the email marketing journey as that will make the reader feel special and will crack the ice too! You can choose something like this, “Hey John, and we are really glad to know you, hope you are delighted as much as we are!’ This will create an excellent rapport with the audience.

It will also show that you are making special efforts to create a feeling of personal relationship. You can also invite queries, comments, and feedback to involve clients and let them know that you wish to hear from them. The feeling that they are essential can bring in a lot of responses that you have been looking for.

  1. Create a customer flow: Map out the workflow of how you wish to connect with the audience, your tone, objectives, brand perspective, and other related factors.

Image Source: https://insights.newscred.com/email-campaigns-that-win-customers/


While you analyze the data closely, you may notice that Twitter users turned out to be long term customers after they achieved a specific number of mutual follows. As a result, you may develop a series of emails that would boost users to find their friends on Twitter and make the suggestion to other users to follow. 


Every marketer should use the model of creating a map. Without understanding how your audience interacts with your product or website, you may be clueless about how to communicate with them using email. In the email marketing journey, as you pick more data about your users, continuously make the map in a more elaborative manner until you find that inflection point. Once you have got the sweet spot, you can use email as your tool to push users towards that inflection point, whether it’s about a core user or a recurring customer.

  1. Balance your email list: The email list is one integral role player in making your email campaign successful. Therefore, before you are ready to begin the campaign, make sure you build your email list and customer base. It is crucial for a venture to have as much information about a customer as possible as it creates a better understanding of their behavior and buying preferences. In case you do not have any data of the users, how are you supposed to create highly personalized email campaigns? 

Generally, the client will not immediately tell you all the details through the bundle of forms and may get annoyed in the first place. They are too curious like you to get to know more about your business and what you plan to do in the coming future with their personal information. Occasions like birthdays and marital statuses can still wait. What you really require in the beginning is just to ask a visitor to opt into your mailing list simply. This way, you can create an email list.

By asking for an email address with a simple pop up form when a person visits your website, you can get minor details. To add significance to their experience, you can give something valuable or insightful in exchange for their email address. This way, the user will happily enter their email in order to get something in return.

  1. Choose marketing automation:

Many believe that marketing automation is not personal and may spoil your brand image with robot-like communication. However, that’s not true. It actually turns your communication process more personal. To your surprise, it can be used to send emails based on the individual behavior of clients. Marketing automation ensures that no two people get the same emails delivered.


Another element of automation is event-based marketing automation that can be used in every part of the mapping process to encourage the audience to do exactly what you want. You can also set a welcome email series that can activate new users and guide them about your venture and purchase your product or services.


To generate more significant revenue, you can set up a browse abandonment or shopping cart abandonment campaign. You can send emails with a summary of the items the customer viewed during their browsing session or left in the cart. This way, you can remind customers to complete the session of pending purchase. 

Image Source: https://www.freshworks.com/marketing-automation/email-marketing/saas-email-marketing-tips-blog/


For the existing clients, marketing automation usage can be done to send post-purchase surveys to let you gather feedback and improve the product or services if any issue persists.


  1.  Pay focus to spam triggers: A right email list provider will let you know if your content has any missing spice that is likely to be flagged as spam. Some of them are obvious, but some need expert advice. Some words and phrases have excellent selling power. For instance, links that say click herecan make your email content look a spammer to the filters, usually due to the savvy marketers know that explicit calls to click here get better results. This is one of the most obvious reasons to put a long sales message onto a landing page instead of an individual email message. 

The last thing marketer wishes to do is to use less persuasive language just to keep a spam filter clean. Not to forget, you are writing for your audience, not filters. When your readers are happy with the email, no spam filter can stop your way from a successful email campaign.


Concluding Note: Email marketing is a long-lasting and responsive mode of marketing. To avail the best response on it, you must adhere to these focal points. It is bound to provide you exemplary results that will show up with time but consistently.