Email Marketing / 04.11.2022

How to Improve ROI for Healthcare Email Marketing

by Miruna Pascu

Although other digital channels like social media are gaining traction, email is still an incredibly powerful marketing tool for healthcare ...

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Constant Contact vs Mailchimp: The Pros and Cons of Each Tool

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How email marketing increases sales for e-commerce: real case examples

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Email marketing can be used as a standalone sales funnel or as part of a complex work with other e-commerce ...

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How Email marketing is evolving and how we can adopt the change

by noorulabsar

Email marketing is the use of email to promote products or services Although developing conversations with potential customers or clients. It ...

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3 Tips to Optimize Your Customer Journey Through Email Marketing

by Kathryn Martin

The marketing department needs to figure out how people become long-term customers from potential customers. How much should the email ...

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8 Best Practices for Email List Management

by Pradeep Joseph

The list management process in email marketing is a major hurdle for any company; it's difficult to work difficult work, ...

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Direct Mail Marketing vs SMS marketing

by Ben Woods

Direct mail marketing captures the attention of customers and makes them feel appreciated, resulting in sales and brand loyalty. You ...

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5 Email Marketing Metrics You Need to Tweak Constantly

by Roman Shvydun

Hundreds of brands prefer email over other marketing strategies, like paid ads and social media marketing, due to its high ...

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5 Golden Nuggets For Growing Your Email List From Zero to 32k In One Year

by Michal Leszczynski

Your sales are not on a level you anticipated?   Have you tried social channels, funded ads, even tried email marketing but ...

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How to Improve Your Email Marketing Deliverability for Optimum Open Rates

by Priya Kumari

Email marketing is an evergreen strategy for marketers and is amongst the most convenient ways of reaching out to new ...