Email Marketing / 16.06.2021

Email Marketing Funnel Optimisation: 4 Essential Tips For Building a Highly Convertible Email Marketing Campaign

by Dmytro Spilka

It’s every business owner’s dream to develop a productive way of gaining more customers each day and retaining them for ...

Email Marketing / 10.06.2021

9 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing ROI

by Dionne S.

Email marketing is a very effective method for engaging with your audience. It's affordable and tends to have a good ...

Email Marketing / 28.05.2021

Everything You Should Know About Email Marketing Campaigns - 5 Simple Hacks

by Miley S. Green

A single email campaign refers to a set of coordinated email messages sent over a specific time period with one ...

Email Marketing / 26.05.2021

Top 10 Shopify Apps For Email Marketing

by Susy Richards

Shopify has proven to be one of the most successful e-commerce platforms in the world. Moreover, a specific app market ...

Email Marketing / 20.04.2021

How to Find a High-Converting Lead Magnet for Your Email Marketing?

by Martin Luenendonk

Email marketing is one of the most impactful marketing tools, especially for online businesses. You can use it to attract ...

Email Marketing / 19.04.2021

How the Coronavirus Crisis is Transforming Business Models and Analytics

by Kristin Smith

An effective ‘journey’ to digital transformation is not so quick or easy as humankind is still moving past the quick-response ...

Email Marketing / 12.04.2021

7 Best Free Email Marketing Services Compared

by Alex Lysak

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of digital marketing. This marketing trend has been around for a ...

Email Marketing / 25.03.2021

10 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

by Maricar Morga

While an email marketing campaign is a well-studied subset of marketing, there are still unknown variables and complexities concerning this ...

Email Marketing / 13.01.2021

The True Effect of Engaging Visuals in Email Campaigns

by Kistopher Langdon

Even the best email copy needs a strong visual element. Images and videos can lead to much better email performance. ...

Email Marketing / 13.10.2020

The Basics of Drip Marketing: Its importance with Real Examples

by Stella

Wondering how to look for ways to improve your sales and marketing activities for a sustainable marketing strategy? To appease ...