The Promotional Power of Personal Email

I have to admit it.

When it comes to the newest marketing methods I'm addicted. I just have to read every new article, big forum topic, or the latest hot new ebook. Really though, except for the occasional gem, it always come back to the oldest methods that really work.

A good example of this is the email signature. If you're unfamiliar with this, it is a one line promotion of your website or affiliate link after your name in an email. Almost everyone who has a website has one, but it is much underused.

First off its best effect by far is in a personal email. With the glut of spam, newsletters, and promotions everybody gets in their email a personal email is a breath of fresh air.

Secondly is should be targeted. Before you write your signature think about the person you are writing the email to. What are they interested in and what do they need? For example, I run a website that accepts article submissions and after each submission I send an email thanking them. The signature in this email promotes the ebook (Turn Words Into Traffic
This book is about promoting your site through writing articles.

Third your email should have another goal in mind, building relationships. The internet as big as it is still about people, just like offline business. The more contacts you have the better off you will be.

Now the most important question; how do you get your signature out there? There quite few ways you can do this effectively:

1. Give Testimonials
If you buy products related to you website and you like them give the creator a good testimonial. Not only will you get you signature in front of a website owner who likely has a large audience, but they may also decide to put your testimonial on their website with your link.

2. Give Compliments
If you read an article related to your field why not send the author a compliment with your signature at the bottom. This could also work for things like forum posts or if you really enjoy the content on someone¦s website. This not only exposes your website to people, but people who likely have large audiences.

3. Help People
If you read forums related to your website, look for people asking questions. If you can help them send them an email answering their question. Almost everyone I have done this for has immediately subscribed to my newsletter from my signature. Another way you can do this is by offering free help on your website. Helping people builds trust and makes them much more likely to buy from you.

4. Submitting Articles
I know everyone talks about this as a promotion method, but there is an added benefit whether your article gets published or not. A publisher may not have space or a need for your article, but they may still visit your website. This is again someone with a large audience so this can bring nothing but good for you.

If you follow these methods you might find yourself with more raffic and maybe a few more friends.