The Top Ten Ezine Tips

(For Building a Strong Opt-in email Database)

1. Quality vs. Quantity

Without question the most important aspect of any publication is the quality of it's content. However, as number one on the Top Ten List you need to look at the quality of your subscribers. Is it better to have a database of 20,000 lousy prospects for your business or
2,000 top prospects? Without doubt - you'll generate more income from the 2,000 then the 20,000. Stay away from free swap subscriber services - generate your leads only through quality opt-in websites through Joint Ventures and reciprocal exchanges.

2. Double Opt-in for Security

This one is a real corker. Without doubt it's much easier, faster and simpler to prescribe a single opt-in system for your newsletter subscribers. However, if you do not take the time to confirm each and every subscription you run the very real risk of having numerous email addresses added to your list without either your knowledge of the consent of the email address owner. This can lead to Spam complaints and greater problems. Double opt-in your list for your own security and protection as well as that of your

3. Original Content

How long does it take to write an article? This one is about half an hour tops, which includes editing and proof-reading. While there are many thousands of articles available with reprint rights through the net today, and articles available on every conceivable topic, you should also ways take the time out to create some of your own
original content for your publication. The extra add ins and addition reproduced content can then supplement your own work. Do this to build credibility and trust with your readers.

4. Easy Opt-out

Just as double opt-in subscriptions provides security for your own peace of mind, you need to also make it as "easy as possible" for your subscribers to leave you. Strange concept? Yes. Make it a little tough to join with you and then easy to leave. When you list builds to tens of thousands you'll have an incredible database of good, strong loyal people who not only want what you have to
offer, but will take the time to read it - and at a later date, become your paid customers.

5. Solid Bonuses

One great way to encourage people to push through the double opt-in subscription procedure is to offer then good bonus items once the subscription is complete. Better yet, don't make your bonus items good, make them great. Make them unique. Make it so that these bonus items are simply not available anywhere else on the net. In a nutshell, you want to almost 'bribe' them in exchange for their email address subscription.

6. Minimal Ads

Here is one of the fastest 'killers' of ezine subscription databases. Too many advertisements. With all due respect, while you may think that offering free ads as a bonus for subscriptions, forget about it. The only one they are going to want to read is there own. I would strongly recommend against more than one or perhaps two ads per issue. Nothing more. Give them content, not ads.

7. Soft Sell Only

The soft sell approach comes right behind the ads approach. No one likes to be sold anything, however we do like to feel we've done the research to then make a decision to buy. Why not change your ads to a product review, or an information update - then link to the product. Don't just sell them on something, inform them - they'll make abetter decision and be more likely to order from you.

8. Add Your Personality

Along with adding your own original content is to add your personality to what you do. The first task is to gain a new subscriber, the second is to keep them, the third is to have them refer their friends. To do this you need to stand out from the crowd and be unique. Ask yourself the question, what will make a customer read my ezine before the rest when it arrives in their in-box. Answer this and you'll have discovered one of the major keys to ezine publishing success.

9. Regular as Clockwork

No explanation is really required here but it just require a mention. If you say you're going to publish weekly - then do it!

10. Special Offers

Finally, a great way to build your subscription base is to arrange joint venture special offers with other publishers. Don't seek to give the standard 'run of the mill' percentage based discount, instead seek out at least one quality offer each month that gives 'real value' to your readers. If you can arrange a joint venture ezine recommendation where you recommend another publication, and they do the same for you (with some unique bonus thrown in) you can literally double your subscriber rate within a few weeks. This is a powerful way to grown your subscriber loyalty and your subscriber database.

Most important, be creative. Seek out other top publications and look to improve on them. Don't get stuck into the repeat repeat repeat mindset.

Be different. Stand out. Be unique.