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7 HTML5 Animation Tools For Creating Appealing Website Designs

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by Stella Miller
September 23, 2016

Stella Miller

Stella Miller is an experienced Wordpress Developer working with Designs2HTML - a prominent PSD to Magento conversion company. Having gone from handling a basic to large complex projects, WordPress holds no secrets from her. She regularly writes about WordPress and publishes significant tutorials at her leisure time.

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We all are aware that HTML5 is now one of the most popular tools for creating websites and empowering web content that is visually astounding and dynamic. The latest update HTML5 by HTML has gained the recognition and momentum within the domain of web in motivating designers and developers to do every helpful customization with their website.

Developers are today using the tools with the help of HTML5 to animate the objects, bringing uniqueness and creativity to their sites. Developing such animations is not an easy job and require you to take the help of some very useful tools that can convert PSD to Wordpress and help to create a robust online business.

So, we have curated a list of some modern animation tools that engage in developing an appealing website by effectively using HTML5.

1) Purple motion

It's a tool that can easily convert website to WordPress specifically designed for creating visual story-telling on various platforms. One can create jaw-dropping 2D Bitmap animations with the help of a timeline editor. It supports not only various transitions but also supports multiple scenes between them. The interaction function of this tool helps you to define jump to scenes prompted by the buttons.Also, it has its own data representation and model that allows anyone to support multiple output formats. While writing, it supports CSS3 and HTML5.


This Online Editing tool allows all the plain text filter for creating excellent and appealing text, without having to use Photoshop. It also confers you with a vast collection of images to use in a project. Also, to manipulate the properties of images to create enticing effects that help to attract customers.Furthermore, you can develop amazing animations to support transitions, and its timeline functionality will help you controlling your animations.

3) Motion Composer

If you are looking to create a professional looking animations and web content, Mobile Composer is the right tool which is easy to use and doesn't even need any coding skills.It's intuitive and clean interface helps you building a responsive and remarkable animations with minimal efforts and the best thing is, you can also induce audios into your animations and make them more impressive and lively.

4) Mixeek

It is free of cost tool used in designing interactive animated online applications and execute them efficiently. It's mainly developed to bring an easy to use and lightweight alternative to competing with paid animation software tools, and it did prove that it is one of the best tools for building websites.


GSAP is a tool that helps you creating an efficient HTML5 animation that impeccably runs on all hot mobile phones and browsers. It provides you with API efficiency, advanced level of sequencing and much more that helps you going beyond the shades and slides.


It is a reliable and simple editor to quickly create appealing animations and also help you to include video tutorials on your website. You can easily customise the look and feel with the aid of dark and light interfaces.


It's a professional software for distributing and creating amazing HTML5 based animation contents and images for all platforms including all screens, smartphone, PC, tablet and smart TV.


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