Popular Graphic Design Trends 2018

Graphic design in 2018 sees some very creative techniques such as the glitch effect and images that suffer mutilations to emphasize effects plus 3D and double exposures. Colour channel splitting effects combined with typographic distortion and a variety of other effects to give a "wow" and "pop-out" effect.

Each year sees new trends develop in graphic design by the leading and most popular graphic design agencies, what was trendy last year or even just a few months ago can suddenly seem outdated and be gone before you know. Keeping up with what is happening is important as the whole point of graphic design is to attract a client’s potential customers and the latest designs get the most attention.

Some of this year’s graphic design trends are a bit crazy and seem to be experiments of a wild imagination;

  • The “Glitch” Effect

This effect was once just reserved for horror movies and photos, but 2018 has seen it become one of the most popular design effects.

  • The “Ruined Effect

What was considered a ruined image is now very popular, graph designers are splashing stuff on, ripping bits off and scratching the face of images anything to ruin the aesthetics seem to work in 2018.

  • “Colour Channels” Effects

     Playing with colour channels allows designs what have a distorted reality to make a highly influential effect is a major graphic trend this year.

  • Double Exposure”

     This seems to be the year of double exposure which has overtaken from “Holography” as the new trend in design which has been growing over the last few years. Many graphic designers seem to be experimenting with “Double Exposure Duotone” where it appears your seeing double with duotone to give an “ahead of its time” effect. Some use a double colour light or two light sources.

  • “Typography Still Rules”

Creative typography where the letters are cropped or partly erased, but still readable requires a very creative professional touch but has a stunning effect. Sometimes designer misaligning and changing the conventional order of letters and words as well as making letters into real life objects.

  • Using “Negative Space”

With graphic aesthetics the use of negative spaces can evoke positive emotions, so is one of the more popular techniques and when combined with typography where element comes from the back to the front through the wording is quite dramatic and effective.

  • “Bright Colours with 3D Substance”

This, “make it pop”, using bright colours and 3D is a winning combination for 2018 and maybe next year as well. “One colour 3D Design” is also a big winner where both the background and the product presentations are the same colour and 3D techniques allow them to “pop out”. Sometimes the addition of “Metallic Elements” helps to add to the “wow” effect.

  • “Colour Transitions & Gradients

Instagram changed its logo in 2016 with a colourful gradient and started a huge trend that is coming forth in 2018.

  • “Artistic and Hand Drawn Illustrations”

The combination of photos with digital drawings boosts both effects and adds a unique “vibe” especially when combined with “negative space”, “3D structure” and other effects.

  • Papercut Illustrations”

2018 sees the return of “Papercut illustrations” to give depth and texture to images when combined with other techniques.