Sergio Fabi, Marketing Director at

As more and more businesses are successfully profiting from affiliate programs, and this field became so competitive, it is always hard to find a good program to start with. In this interview, Sergio Fabi, Marketing Director at, talks about the success of their B.M.P. Affiliate program which offers some of the highest payouts on the net and what it takes to develop it.  He also shares insights on how to pave the road to affiliate marketing success. Enjoy!

1. Can you tell us a little bit about BMP affiliate program?

Sergio Fabi: is an affiliate program which provides a solution for affiliate marketers to convert multimedia download traffic into real cash.  B.M.P. offers good conversion for sites publishing multimedia content like Ringtones, MP3, Video, Torrent (Torrent Trackers as well), PDF, eBook, Games, Applications, and File Search engines.

We also give some of the highest payouts on the net, making affiliates up to $30 per sale and up to $200 per 1000 hits. The rate jumps to $40/sale, when more than 50 sales per day are made. In addition, 15% two tier referral program is available.

2. In less than 16 months has become one of the rising stars in the super competitive world of affiliate marketing. Recently you announced that BMP reached a milestone - its first $2M payout. How did you manage to achieve all of this in such a short time?

Sergio Fabi: We're performing aggressive marketing strategy, with direct sales over the phone and other channels. Other major thing contributing to the success are our merchant accounts. We are an affiliate program. Our main aim is to bring in more money to our affiliates. After all, the better we convert the more market pie we'll get. Merchant accounts play a major role in the conversion chain.

3. What are your plans and ambitions for B.M.P.? How do you see it evolving over the next five years?

Sergio Fabi: We plan to conquer the Chinese market. It is 4 times bigger than international market. If we'd started there in the first place, we'd already have hit $8M payout.

4. Would you describe the primary characteristics of a successful affiliate program?

Sergio Fabi: We can tell enough blahs about ambitions, charisma, leadership, and team... It would sound so pathetic, and became a real drama. The truth is that it all comes down to conversion. If your product doesn't convert, nothing helps.

5. There are so many affiliate programs out there. Why should an affiliate choose B.M.P.?

Sergio Fabi: It's all about money. You want more cash in your pocket and bigger numbers at your Swiss banking account - you should go along with us.

6. What kind of help and support do you provide to your affiliates?

Sergio Fabi: We provide Skype, ICQ and email support. Also, we are constantly updating a solid FAQ section covering all aspects of the program, so that we can provide as smooth service as possible. Most of our affiliates are really smart, so they don't ask dumb questions.

7. How flexible is your revenue sharing program?

Sergio Fabi: We can always negotiate.

8. When it comes to payment, how does it work? How and when do you pay to your affiliates, and what method of payments do you offer?

Sergio Fabi: We're outsourcing payment process to our financial partners. This lets us focus on sales.

9. Do you offer special bonuses for high-performing affiliates?

Sergio Fabi: Sure! If you make more than 100 sales per day, you will get $40 PPS instead of $30.

10. What important tips do you have for affiliates to generate more sales?

Sergio Fabi: Just open your mind. There are not only music, software, and videos. There are much more trending areas, which can give you download traffic. Games and eBooks for instance. You can treat this as a hint, not a tip. But, please stay legal.