John Audette

PW: For a lot of people, when they hear about website promotion your name comes to mind. For those that haven't heard about your many projects, however, why don't you tell us about a few of them?

JA: Whew! The parent company of all of our endeavors is Multimedia Marketing Group, Inc., a company that I started about four years ago. Over that time MMG has become the largest 100% online agency. We provide online marketing services, such as: advertising, PR, promotions and consulting. MMG has become the agency part of our business and we deal primarily with larger accounts, such as: Intel, Promus Hotels, Mecklermedia, ArtUFrame, emarketLive, Wired, Simon & Schuster, etc.

We have a division called MMG Express that provides low-cost online promotion services, such as site registration, submission to awards and announcement sites, announcements to journalists and search engine optimization.

A third division is the Internet News Bureau, which has become a major online press release clearinghouse over the past two years. INB deals with clients of all sizes, from the biggest dogs to the smallest pups.

A fourth division is AudetteMedia, which to my knowledge is the worlds largest publisher of e-mail discussion lists. A-Media currently publishes 11 lists on a large variety of topics.

And a fifth division is AIIM98. AIIM stands for "Adaptive Integrated Internet Marketing" which is our approach to online marketing. As part of the AIIM98 World Tour, we will be presenting intensive, one-day Internet marketing workshops in some 25 cities around the world.

Here's a summary:

Multimedia Marketing Group
Online Advertising, Promotions and Public Relations

MMG Express
Affordable, Cost-Effective Traffic Building Services

Internet News Bureau
Online Press Release Clearinghouse

World's Leading Publisher of E-Mail Discussion Lists

PW: The latest thing at mmgco is Mmgexpress. From what I understand, it is designed to help small companies on the Internet. How does it work?

JA: We're excited about MMG Express. As I mentioned above, it provides an array of low cost (and cost-effective) online promotional services to smaller businesses, or businesses with limited online marketing budgets.

MMG started out offering services of that type and we're really pleased to continue to offer them, even though the agency side of the house has started working with clients with larger budgets.

PW: In closing, do you have any general comments on promoting websites that you would like to pass along to our readers?

JA: Be prepared to spend more time and money promoting your Web site than you did building it. Business success in any medium requires effective marketing, and this is one instance where the Internet is no exception.

If you have the budget, hire a professional agency like MMG. And if you don't, there are numerous free resources available to you that you can use to do it yourself. Be sure to check out a setting of free resources at the MMG site --

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