Interviews / 23.06.2008

Brian Easter, CEO of NeboWeb

by Milena Sotirova

  Mr. Easter, could you please introduce yourself and the company that you manage to PromotionWorld’s audience? I’m Brian Easter and I’m the ...

Interviews / 23.04.2008

Scott Buresh, Matt Foster, Roger Janik, Frank Siano

by Milena Sotirova

  Roundtable: SEM Industry Steps on Slippery Ground PromotionWorld is proud to present the new roundtable format interview where experts discuss questions ...

Interviews / 10.03.2008

Robert Landes, President and CEO of Fetch Technologies

by Milena Sotirova

Brief Introduction A 25-year Web industry veteran, Robert Landes’ contagious energy and visionary leadership has led Fetch Technologies’ transition from a ...

Interviews / 20.02.2008

Al DiGuido, CEO of Zeta Interactive

by Milena Sotirova

Zeta Interactive is comprised of five firms which deliver to their clients complete, cross-media, multi-channel marketing solution. Mr. Al DiGuido, recently you have ...

Interviews / 17.10.2007

Roger Janik, President and CEO, ServerSideDesign

by Milena Sotirova

Mr. Janik, could you tell the PromotionWorld readers more about yourself and your responsibilities at ServerSideDesign? My entrance into the IT world began in ...

Interviews / 22.08.2007

Michael Hussey, CEO, PeekYou

by Milena Sotirova

Mr. Hussey, could you tell us something about yourself and how you got to founding PeekYou? What is PeekYou and how ...

Interviews / 16.02.2007

Scott Buresh, Founder and CEO, Medium Blue

by Milena Sotirova

Mr. Buresh, as founder and CEO of Medium Blue, could you provide us with a brief history of the company? How did ...

Interviews / 22.08.2005

Jim Daniels, Owner, Bizweb2000

by Milena Sotirova

Tell me something about yourself. What were you doing before starting Bizweb2000?I was actually a telephone man for about 10 ...

Interviews / 19.08.2005

Anna Love, Director of Marketing, Bravenet

by Milena Sotirova

Tell me something about yourself. What were you doing before starting Bravenet? What are some of the other milestones in ...

Interviews / 01.08.2005

Alan Rabinowitz, CEO SEO Image

by Milena Sotirova

Tell me something about yourself and your position in the company. What were you doing before starting SEO Image? What ...