Ethics of Mobile Marketing

A new way of advertising


Ethics of Mobile Marketing: Since consumers first started to use SMS marketers have had the idea of text message marketing or marketing sms - also known as mobile marketing. And since that time marketing sms messages have grown and changed and new technology like Bluetooth marketing, marketing Bluetooth style to phones in close proximity to an advertiser.

And since the e-mail spam scourge took over the media, people have worried that there will be mobile phone spam. Spam is just another way of saying that advertisers send unsolicited text message marketing, marketing sms, Bluetooth marketing or any other form of mobile marketing - its mobile phone spam. There are even guides on how to spam phone s.

Consumer Preference is about permission based marketing, permission marketing solution. If, as an advertiser you can execute permission based marketing campaigns then you can certainly find ways to benefit from mobile marketing. And permission starts with understanding the consumer marketing preference. If you can understand consumer marketing preference, then you can execute permission based marketing. And permission marketing is not mobile phone spam.

There are many mobile marketing company listings that can be found on the Internet - and most mobile marketing company websites will tell you how they focus on permission marketing. Make sure that the one you partner with does more than tell you about it on the website. Opt-in marketing starts with your traditional marketing soliciting for permission.

Yes - Mobile marketing starts with traditional marketing - print, web, radio, and television - all of the old standards. Because before you can send the first message to a consumer, you must obtain their permission... and that means that you understand consumer marketing preference.

We believe very strongly that consumers have a right to privacy. Just because it is getting harder to reach consumers doesn't mean that marketers should be (or need be) more devious or more forceful in their attempts to reach us. In fact, quite the opposite. Many of us are happy to be contacted with relevant, timely, meaningful offers. But it's going to be on our terms. No longer victims of aggressive marketing, we want to participate in the process with trusted brands and partners. Come and hang out with me here on Consumer Preference and learn how as a consumer you can have more control than you thought - and, if you're a marketer, how you can reach people in an effective and respectful way.

Brands that get into mobile in the next year will become a catalyst for mass-consumer adoption of mobile marketing and commerce, according to a study by Mind Commerce.

The study shows that the world market for mobile marketing and advertising is projected to reach $50 billion by 2014, up from $29 billion currently, representing an annual growth rate of 12 percent. With the rapid maturation of this market, brand managers will have quite a bit to celebrate as this gold-mine marketing channel fully emerges.

"Marketers who set the trends will enable their customers to adopt new means of consuming their goods and pave the way for others with a ‘wait and see' attitude to play catch up," said Fred Taylor, research director at Mind Commerce.


"Testing the mobile waters today is the best strategy for brand managers who have been reluctant so far to take the wireless advertising and marketing plunge," he said.

The study from Mind Commerce outlines several key steps to planning a mobile marketing or advertising campaign, strongly recommending that marketers integrate mobile into a multichannel, cross-media marketing strategy.

This way, brands can build upon the foundation that has already been laid out on other platforms such as television, online, print and radio.

Since with the advent of 3g and 4g mobile technology the marketing strategies is going to be changed for ever and marketers are seeking for mobile marketing platforms through which they can reach their customer instantly and get to know the view of the customer on their go. This is surely going to be phenomenal as the costs of ad in traditional media are very high, and mobile marketing can reduce the cost of ad. So next era will be the era of Mobile marketing.