Online Learning Studies Mobile Marketing

Colleges and universities are embracing the newest technologies to advertise to potential students.

Since many high school students spend a lot of time online with their phones, mobile marketing is a valuable method of reaching this age group.

Text Messaging

Once a high school student visits a college or university or requests information, the college can send updated information to students via text message - with the student's permission, of course. Colleges can send links to the websites and photos of various events that will appeal.

In addition, they can provide other links through text messaging to make it easier for students to select classes and sign up for student aid.

The benefit of text messaging is that the student can receive it anytime and look at it when it is convenient for them.

They also have an easy reference if they want to go back and review the information later since they can save their messages.

Mobile App

Mobile apps keep your college fresh in the minds of students.

It doesn't have to directly "sell" your college to prospects. Instead, it can be a valuable source of information while the student is deciding on which school to choose.

For instance, many adults would like to go back to school but don't have time to fit a full class load into their busy schedules, according to the article, “5 Online Degrees That Could Pay Off”.

Studying online could make that challenge easier.

A mobile app could provide tips and strategies for working and going to school at the same time.

An app could also provide information about different degree programs to help prospective students decide what they want to study. It could feature the latest news and doings of the college and various groups.

Giving students a glimpse of the college culture would help them decide if they would fit in.

Mobile Ads and Social Media

Online ads are especially effective if you gear them to sites that have a lot of college students.

Social networks that are popular with high school kids are a great place to put your ads. They spend the majority of their time on these sites so your chances of getting seen are higher.

Facebook is still the top choice even though it has lost some younger followers.

Creating a Facebook page and devoting time to posting and responding to comments is a valuable way to focus your mobile marketing efforts. Many people view Facebook and other sites while they are on the go, which means using their portable devices.

Mobile marketing should be part of a college's advertising strategy, especially if they are an online-only school or offer online classes.

Reaching potential students through text messages, mobile apps and social networks ensures that you are getting your message out to a wide audience. It is a low-cost way to reach the people most interested in your programs.

After all, if they plan to attend online classes, it only makes sense that they would use the internet to find the right school.