Promoting Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

If you want your business to be at the forefront of your customers' minds, make mobile marketing a key part of your marketing strategy.

Your customers are on the internet, connecting with companies just like yours using their phones and tablets. To get their attention and stay ahead of the competition, it's time for your business to get mobile.

Just why does mobile marketing matter? And who has been getting it right this year?

Why Mobile Marketing Matters

Matt Cutts of Google recently said that he sees mobile searches overtaking desktop searches in the near future.

People are increasingly mobile, using their phones and tablets to get on social media, contact businesses, make purchases, and find out about companies that interest them.

To compete in today's market, it's vital that your business makes the most of mobile marketing, making sure that your message is easily accessible to your customers wherever they are and whatever device they're using.

Some Great Mobile Marketing Campaigns From 2014

Using mobile marketing connects you with your customers by putting your brand front and center stage of their mobile screen.

As the article "Six of the Best: Mobile Marketing Campaigns" points out, checking out what other successful brands are doing can help you to plan your own campaign.

Here are some companies that have been doing interesting things with mobile marketing this year:

  • L'Oreal made its ads more personal than ever by using the latest technology to suggest hair dye based on the customer's own hair. By using photo recognition software, L'Oreal was able to assess each person's hair color and target the most relevant ads;

  • Coca Cola focused on fun and share ability with song lyrics printed on their bottles alongside QR codes which, when scanned, launched a video featuring the lyric. The clips were designed to be shared, thus helping Coca Cola to keep up their visibility;

  • General Mill's Nature Valley brought their popular virtual hiking paths to mobile in response to customer demand, meaning that customers can now take their virtual tours with them to the corresponding physical location for guidance and education;

  • McDonald's made use of augmented reality with exciting real-time 3D games that let players bring in physical menu items as part of the game;

  • Nissan made their ads more interactive by including hotspots especially designed for tablet users to tap to open up extra relevant content.

How to Make Mobile Marketing Work for You

 What are some things you can do to make mobile marketing work for your business?

  • Know your audience. Different customers will connect with you in different ways - by knowing who is mobile and what their concerns are, you can better tailor your campaigns to speak to them.

  • Give something back. Offer your customers something in return for giving their time to your mobile campaign. An entertaining video, information that will make a difference in their lives, or a voucher or promotion can all catch their attention.

  • Keep it straightforward. Mobile screens are not that big, and people on the go don't have a lot of time or attention to give. Keep your message short, noticeable and to the point;

  • Optimize. It sounds simple, but make sure all of your content is optimized for mobile viewing. That doesn't just go for specific ads, but encompasses your web page too. If you want your customers to respond to your mobile campaign, it needs to look great no matter what device they are using.

It's clear that mobile marketing is here to stay, with many brands finding new and interesting ways to keep their mobile marketing efforts fresh and entertaining.

It's time to embrace what mobile marketing can do for your business.