Don't Leave Home Without a Mobile Marketing Strategy

If you want to learn more about your customers while also optimizing your outreach strategies, then look no further than mobile marketing.

That's right; with the right mobile marketing techniques you can learn more about your customers than you ever thought possible.

Here are just a few ways going mobile with your home internet business will help you get to know your customers:


Ask Questions

One of the best ways to get to know your customers is by simply asking them what they like/want/need.

It just so happens that mobile marketing is a great way to reach out to customers and ask questions. Just make sure you ask questions that make a difference to the customers you're texting.

For example, you wouldn't ask your female customers if they're happy with your men's running shoes.

Asking questions takes a bit of mobile segmenting, but once you separate your customers into different buying groups, you can get as specific as you want with your questioning.

Whether you're looking for a first-hand review on a new product line or you're trying to get a feel for products to add to your inventory, texting questions to your customers is a fast and effective way to get to know them.


Mobile Polling

If you want to make your mobile questions a little more formal, consider using mobile polls. Not only is polling a great mobile marketing tool, the results are also easy to track.

In addition, with mobile polling, you can poll your customers’ in-the-moment, when their shopping experience is still fresh.

As the following article looks at, one of the 4 strategies for getting to know your customers with mobile outreach, mobile polling makes it possible to send any number of polls.

You can send a mobile poll asking customers what they think about your business's customer service initiatives for example.


Mobile Giveaways

Polls and questions don't always work with all customers.

If you're looking for a way to get to know your customers without making it obvious, consider mobile giveaways. That's right, product giveaways will bring even the most inactive customers out of the shadows.

You can either offer free products to the first customers to respond to your text or you can offer weekly and monthly giveaways to keep mobile subscribers interested. Just make sure you track and analyze the contest results.

Analyzing the contest results is the most important part of the process because it will give you an in-depth look into your customers' wants.

By changing up the prize with each contest, you can see which customers respond to certain products and adjust your future mobile marketing campaigns accordingly.


Customer Service Texts

Customer service has evolved over the past decade.

Many businesses offer multiple forms of customer service communications including phone, email, online chatting, and even customer service texting.

By communicating with customers through customer service texts, you can learn more about your customers and how user-friendly they think your products are.

Customer service texting also provides your business with a written transcript that's ongoing, so you don't have to ask your customers the same questions over and over again.


When it comes to getting to know your customers, don't leave home without the mobile marketing strategies mentioned above.