Don't Be Remote With Your Mobile Marketing

If your marketing efforts have recently fallen on hard times, what will you be doing about that as the calendar turns soon to 2016?

While many traditional forms of marketing still work to this day, you always need to be thinking about tomorrow and not yesterday, that is if you want your business to be taking off and not falling behind.

In order to hit a home run each and every time with your marketing initiatives, stop and think for a few minutes about what got you into your current situation to begin with.

When it comes to properly marketing your business, you need to be one who is willing to try myriad of marketing techniques, avoiding the temptation to stand pat, especially as things are grinding to a halt.


Mobility is the Key in Moving Forward

Whether you handle marketing for a small business or one with notable size, knowing how to properly market your brand is key.

Let’s say you are marketing a product/service such as DIRECT TV and Internet Packages, with an emphasis on deals.

Some of the key pieces of information you should have in your playbook before marketing such products:

  • Demographics – First and foremost, who are you marketing to? While many senior citizens watch TV on a regular basis, some are not as apt to be on the Internet. What kinds of deals can you market to them in these instances? Also, are there large numbers of families to which you can market to? A satellite provider will have countless channels, many of which can provide enjoyable entertainment for the entire family;

  • Viewing habits – With so many people on the go these days, the old days of families gathering around the TV sets or even individuals plopping themselves down in front of the television have been changing. Try as best as possible to understand the viewing habits of those you are going after. The same holds true for the Internet. While many people still use laptops and even desktops for that matter in their homes, many others surf the Internet on their smartphones, so don’t overlook that piece of information;

  • People on the move – Given the fact more and more consumers are using their smartphones and other such devices to use the Internet and even watch shows on, you would be foolish not to go after them with a solid mobile marketing plan. Whether you are pitching them special deals at home, at work, or even while they may be out on a shopping venture, you have ample opportunities to give them a good reason to come to your store or website and buy from you. One of the important facets when using mobile marketing, make sure your product and/or service is mobile-friendly. Just like broken links on your website tend to send viewers away and frustrated, the same can easily happen if you’re not a mobile-friendly business.

When you get the clear picture on how to use mobile marketing and all the other options in the marketing food chain, you stand a much better chance of your customers not being remote.