Traditional Marketing or Mobile Marketing

Facts show that mobile marketing out-performs any other form of marketing especially in comparison to traditional methods. There’s a shift from telephonic sales, door-to-door sales, radio, newspaper and magazine advertisements to SMS, call and mobile-web forms of marketing.

Let’s compare their features and discuss why the results are so:

Costs incurred

The costs incurred in traditional forms of marketing are mind-boggling. In spite of the rise in costs, it’s seen that this mode is not very effective. At the same time, mobile marketing is very cheap and effective. The high exorbitant costs of traditional marketing crippled the growth of small businesses but the dawn of mobile marketing gives them a ray of hope to expand at a lower cost. Since it’s cheaper to make digital copies in place of printed copies and distribute them, mobile marketing is a lifesaver. Instagram has now started selling advertising on their app too.

Targeting your potential audience

Though you spend hundreds of thousands for a 30-second radio commercial or for a front-page advertisement in a reputed magazine, it does not guarantee potential customers; but mobile marketing targets the right audience and assures profitability for the company. This is better than wasting your time, money and resources to a wide but wrong audience. Communicating with your potential customers cannot be assured in traditional marketing but can be done in a mobile marketing forum.Studies show that 90% of the time when a person is awake, his mobile is within his reach.

Effectiveness of the forms of marketing

Mobile advertisements are around forty times more effective than traditional advertisements. Here, the target is the potential customers rather than everyone. The output received for the input cost is more in the case of mobile marketing.

Keeping you informed

In the case of traditional marketing, you are not kept informed of the inside details. If your sales are high on one day and low another day, you can’t calculate the reason. In mobile marketing, you can keep track of suchinformation and analyze which strategies should be inculcated to foster your business and which strategies should be avoided. You can get real time results immediately and that can help you make the right decisions quickly.

Mode of communication

In case of traditional modes, mobile marketing is considered to be more interactive and offers a higher rate of response from its potential customers. The two-way communication helps create bonds between the customers and the company. The campaigns and contests that can be held through mobile marketing can boost the brand image and your company name. These contests attract the consumers to stay interested in the brand.

Authenticity of the data collected

The authenticity of the data collected over mobile marketing is more in comparison to other modes because the data is received first hand from the potential customers. The statistical data and analytical curves all substantiate and speak volumes in imbibing the crowds.

The use of time

The time taken for responses in traditional modes is much greater than in mobile marketing. In the latter, it’s easier and quicker to get results for your marketing strategies. Since mobile phones are within their reach most of the time, interested customers can easily get in touch and respond immediately.

Looking at the comparison of traditional marketing and mobile marketing, we can open our eyes and see the dawn of the new era where everything is within the reach of a mobile phone. As an old saying says, “valuable things come in small sizes”; we can see how valuable a small gadget can be such a great asset to your business.