Build excellent UI for mobile app with React Native App Development

React Native app development helps in building an excellent UI for mobile applications

Before the introduction of RN, most of the other hybrid app frameworks were unreliable. Thus, companies had to hire a different set of developers for iOS and Android. With React Native, developers need to write code in JavaScript alone, and the app works on multiple platforms.  Simply put, languages like CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript, etc. are packed into one container called RN.


Superb user-interface for multiple platforms

RN framework’s ability to offer glitch-free, consistent and instantly responsive experience across multiple types of devices is one of the reasons behind the appreciation that it receives.

Hybrid mobile development space has immensely benefitted due to RN’S simplified programming methods, better app performance, DOM abstraction, and of course, ReactJS large UI library.

Facebook-owned React Native is appreciated by those who wish to develop exact Native like applications.  UI components like Nachos UI Kit, react-native-UI-lib, android-kit, Lottie, UI Kitten, vector-icons set, and the Material Kit can help in making the app superb.


Reusable components help in offering the native app like experience

Earlier, hybrid apps used web-view components and had limitations when it comes to user-interface as well as the overall experience. But now, the native components from Android and iOS used in the RN apps give a superb feel and look. The web-style approach replaces the hybrid framework. But the functionality and speed remain just like that of a native app.  

Third-party plugins also allow developers to offer more functionality in the application without relying on the Web View. Native module plugins enable maximum utilization of the device’s functionalities like GPS, camera, messaging, etc.  Most importantly, the percentage of memory used by the app is lesser. Such lightweight structure helps the application to adjust itself according to the device’s screen and quickly load the content consisting of high-definition graphics.


Developers can increase productivity

Native development is often associated with slower deployment, less developer productivity, and other inefficiencies. So, firms that offer Mobile App Development Solutions appreciate the fact that RN has brought agility and speed when it comes to hybrid app development space. It requires even lesser time than Flutter.


Enhance the existing app’s UI without overhauling the same

Another significant benefit is the ability of RN components to work with the existing application’s code. React Native plugins work great with Ionic or Cordova-based system. The feature helps developers and businesses to enhance their current applications without overhauling the same.


Better UI compared to other cross-platform frameworks

From a developer’s perspective, React Native framework’s primary area of focus is its UI.

Mobile developers always strive to optimize workflows and processes. Recently, Google’s app development SDK, Flutter has started appearing in the headlines due to its cross-platform framework. But this has not impacted React Native much, as RN is not just a mere passing trend, it is here to stay. It has backing from Bloomberg, Instagram, and Facebook. Firms that offer iOS App Development Services recommend RN over other options.


RN is here to stay

By the end of this year, the cross-platform application market is set to cross the $7.5 billion mark. Google has entered the market at a crucial stage.  However, compared to its competitors, including the newly launched Google Flutter, React Native offers a higher number of iOS styled elements and components. They help in offering a better user experience as well.

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