How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Shape your eCommerce Business in 2019?

Any form of business says healthcare, FMCG, telecom, grocery, laundry or retail, the need to connect your business with technology is paramount. Businesses are being reshaped and redefined according to the dominant technology prevailing in the consumer market. Artificial Intelligence or AI is one such technology which is making inroads into the Mobile Application Development and thus affecting businesses which run on e-commerce platform or internet.


How AI Is Changing The Rules Of The Business?

Companies and various businesses are already making use of AI and thus giving their customers a more personalized and enhanced experience. The option of chatbots is a small example of AI technology. No doubt with the current state of progress, AI technology is going to be the game changer for the companies that embrace this emerging technology as soon as possible.


For example, if your customer uses your online grocery app to buy vegetables and fruits online, the AI technology in the app will do this: Your Customers buy vegetables and yes some of the veggies say cauliflower or tomato on a regular basis or to be more precise in a preferential manner. Now if the app is AI featured it will remind the customer of his preference on regular basis and thus giving him a more personalized experience.

As the owner of the application, this has two implications for you. Once you get to know about your customer preferences. Second, you will be able to know your loyal customer base and thus allow you to do something extra to retain that customer support base. This can be in the form of anything from personal emails or physical cards, discounts, etc.

The bottom line is you will be able to know where to play and how much to play where?

Now imagine with the AI featured enabled on your business app you get to know about thousand such customers preferences thus making you equipped to make sound business decisions. To be more direct AI will not only allow you to know about your customer’s purchasing patterns but also the location and traffic of maximum purchases. This will ultimately help you in channelizing your energy in the right direction and of course better resource allocation.

3 Ways AI Is Transforming eCommerce Business

An e-commerce Company can take the help of Artificial Intelligence to enhance the overall experience of its customers. Some of the ways through which a business can give more fulfilling service to his customer through AI is as follows:

  • The Chatbots

Chatbots are computer programs which can interact with a human through audio or text. To put it more simply, this feature in an app will help the customer chat online with a non-human entity. The apps which give chatbots facility offer the user to share his thoughts or queries regarding any matter. This feature not only helps the business owner to know about individual consumer requirement but also acts as a customer care representative.

It scores over other media of communication such as emails because it is fast and gives a real-time response. And yes it’s more personal.

  • Recommendation Engines

Recommendation engines are used by companies to showcase a customer the most relevant items based on his browsing or shopping patterns. The tag ‘Frequently Bought Together’ as seen in various shopping sites after the user made a purchase is an example of a recommendation engine.

The above feature will remind the customer of his preferences and thus indirectly boost the sales of the business.

  • Using AI to Predict Sales

Machine Learning which is part of AI makes it possible to inform the business owner what the customer wants in near future based on his browsing or search patterns. Similarly, the data which the customer generates through various mediums of communication such as chatbots, social media, emails also contribute in making accurate predictions.



Business is getting day by day individual-centric focusing on each individual customer. The use of AI thus becomes mandatory as it gives personalized experience to each and every individual. AI studies the individual customer’s interactive pattern based on chatbots, browsing history and come to a conclusion which best fits the need of that customer.

The use of AI in a mobile application is a sure guarantee of drawing more customers and retaining the existing customers. The role of mobile app developers thus becomes very important to provide their clients with the best technological solution in boosting their business prospects.