6 Powerful Features You Must Consider While Developing On-demand Food Delivery App

Unique features of on-demand food delivery app like Postmates, GrubHub and Seamless

If you have the vision to feed people with delicious food but don’t know how you can manage a restaurant; you can develop a fantabulous food delivery app for food startup or business.

It doesn’t matter what size of food business you are running, you can develop your own food delivery app like SkipTheDishes considering the most powerful features. When it comes to making a list of food delivery app features, most of the food startups get confused, so here, we have listed 6 essential features of on-demand food delivery app.

6 Essential Features That Food Startups Need to Consider While Food Delivery App Development

#1. Make them explore this world of fantastic food

We love different cuisines of food in different tastes and varieties.

However, a restaurant can only fulfill a few particular specialties and they have a single typical type of taste to a particular dish.

But, you can provide users with the option to choose their own preferable cuisine and make them get the taste of their favorite restaurant just sitting where they are.

A food app is nowadays expected to provide us with several options for selecting from multiple restaurants and different categories as well.

Thus, you need to work thoroughly on this feature of including as many restaurants and cuisine details as possible and keep on adding them.

#2. A few taps and food from their favorite restaurant is ordered!

All of us have certain preferences in everything including food.

Most of us prefer to eat from one particular restaurant where we find the food matching the best to our taste buds.

But as with our busy schedules, it becomes very difficult to go to that restaurant often and enjoy our favorite food.

But, you can provide them with the privilege to enjoy their food still when they are unable to go to that restaurant themselves.

With multiple restaurants available with their cuisines on the food app, you can help them order the food from that restaurant and get it delivered to their place without them disturbing their schedule.

A few taps on their mobile screen and they have ordered their favorite food.

#3. Where is my food? Here, it is nearby!

When a busy person orders the food, they need to know how long will it take for them to receive as they plan everything for every single minute.

It triggers hunger and their mind if they don’t receive it in the expected minute and they tend to worry when they will receive the parcel and whether they will receive it or not.

Don’t let them pull their hair in this confusion. Let your food app tracks the food delivery for them, let them know that their food is not that far and they will be receiving in a few minutes.

You need to add the GPS tracking feature in your food delivery app, which will help the customer check the real-time location of the delivery man and calculate the exact time before ordering the food from that particular place.

When they know the availability of the delivery men in their route, along with the estimated delivery time shown on the app, they calculate it for themselves and can call the delivery person to help with the difficulties to finding the delivery place.

Having tracking feature enabled in the food delivery app helps the restaurant owner as well to get assured that the food will deliver on time to the customer and he can also track the delivery if he wants.

#4. Loved it last time? Re-order it!

Many times, it happens that we like a particular dish we ate from a particular restaurant.

We simply don’t want to forget how it tasted and it somewhere makes us happy eating that.

So, why to wait? We can re-order the same dish that we ordered last time by simply checking our previous orders on the app, and replacing the same order again.

While developing an advanced all-rounder food delivery app, you need to keep in mind that the customer won’t like it if he can’t save his previous orders or put something into his favorites and order from there.

Thus, you need to add the feature of saving the things in the previous orders list and saving the favorites in a list from where they can simply order without much searching throughout the app.

This feature will save the time of the customers and thus making them fall in love with your food delivery app.

#5. Different choices in your group? Group Orders it!

Who likes to eat alone? Exactly, Nobody!

We are always either with our family or around a group of friends or with our office team members.

Be it any of the three cases, all of us have different preferences and like to have foods of different cuisines.

We like different food, but we definitely want to eat with each other and hence, there should be a feature in the white label food delivery app to order in a group.

With the help of this feature, a user can create a group adding their family members, friends or colleagues in that by sharing a link simply.

They can join in this group and everyone will be ordering their own preferred food by searching across the options available.

The creator of the group will get all the notifications about the departure, delivery status, etc. of their group order.

They can plan to order by fixing a budget for the whole group order and get the options according to that.

#6. Need to pay? You have several options to choose from!

The way you give a plethora of options to choose from the restaurants and cuisines; you should be giving flexible options to let the users choose their preferred mode to pay.

Every user has a preferred payment mode; some prefer to pay cash on delivery, some prefer to pay online via a MasterCard, some prefer to pay directly online from their bank account whereas some have another app that helps them manage all their expenses.

Thus, this feature of offering several payment modes to the users can win their hearts and call them again and again when their hunger strikes their mind. So, if you have made up your mind to get a customized IT solution for your food and beverage business, make sure to consider these features to make it successful.

Voila! A Successful Food Delivery App has been developed!

Using these top features, you get a successful food delivery app for your food delivery startup. Want to know more? Consult any professional mobile app development company, which has expertise in developing food delivery apps for a number of food delivery startups.