Skyrocket Your E-commerce App with These Features

9 Important Features to Include in Your E-commerce App

Skyrocket Your E-commerce App with These Features

Have you ever remarked a paradigm shift in the way people do shopping these days? E-commerce is slowly taking over the traditional way of shopping. With an average estimation of 13.7% of sales online (in 2019), it is slowly and gradually surpassing the market. And you know what is more surprising? By the year 2021, we can see it making the overall share of 17.5 % of worldwide retail sales.


Source: Statista

If we talk particularly about mobile e-commerce, then research says shopping through mobile is expected to account for 67.2% of overall digital sales in the year 2019. And, the number is expected to touch a whopping 72.9% in 2021. Doesn’t this data really crave you to make an investment in an e-commerce app?

Time has changed and so as our way of shopping. This is probably the reason why we can see so many e-commerce apps on the app stores. But, the biggest question here is, are all the apps successful? App features have a big share in the overall success of any app.

Be it an e-commerce app or any other customer-centric app, you really need to work out on the features you are going to include as your direct interaction would be with the customers (or sellers) through the app. If you don’t want to put your efforts in the vein of developing an e-commerce app by creating a not so worthy app then be very particular about the features you are going to include in it. We are listing the most important features here.

9 Features to Include in E-Commerce App

Multi-Lingual: A data by Common Sense Advisory voices that 75% of people want to buy products in their native language. If you are thinking to launch your e-commerce app, then ensure that you are enabling your customers with their preferred languages, especially when you are focused for global sale.

Multiple Payment Options: Shopping online means people are looking out for comfort while buying the things they desire. Adding multiple payment options in your e-commerce site would ensure that you would not lose a customer just because they could not find their desired payment option there. Whether it is a credit card, debit card, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, COD or any other payment mode, try to integrate it into your mobile app for e-commerce.

Analytics: This is a very important feature for the site admin. Every visitor is not a customer but he has some intent due to which he/she visited the site. You should find it out through the user behavior that can be found by Google Analytics. Try to add analytics in your mobile app. This would give you an idea on which product customer hovers. Accordingly, you can work on promoting that product or set marketing strategies.

Simple Navigation: In e-commerce, app is making a customer buy the real product through a virtual shop. So, it is very important for you to provide extreme comfort to the customer to hover over your app and only simple navigation can provide you that. From image size to content, everything should be interactive then only it can bring good conversions.

Flash Sales and Discounts: If you want to give your prospective customers a reason to shop over your app, then there cannot be anything better than flash sale and discount. Attractive deals and offers are the heart and soul of any e-commerce business. This market strategy can help you earn good revenue. Designate a special section of sales and discounts on the app (probably on the home screen) as this will help you in grabbing good attention of users.

Detailed Product Description: As mentioned above, in order to make your virtual shop work exactly as a real one, you need to have a very detailed product description. This is a feature that you cannot afford to miss in your app. User should get a complete visualization of the product while going through the description then only it would be effective in marketing.

Quality Product Images: You are not supposed to make any compromise with the quality of images that you are going to put in the app. Remember, it is the image which is going to represent your products and are the heart and soul of your app. Through the image only the customers are going to make the decision whether they should buy the product or not.

Chatbots: Chatbots are found very effective in mobile apps, especially when it comes to e-commerce apps. It helps the user to find what he is looking out for in an app. Along with this, it can solve the queries and concerns then and there. For every business, it is not possible to have 24/7 human assistance. In that case, chatbots come at a rescue. They can guide the customers well through the site (all thanks to AI).

Fast and Secure Checkout: Do you know that 69% of shopping carts are abandoned. The most checkout process at the app especially when they need to make a purchase.

Wish Button: Window shopping is a favorite hobby when it comes to offline shopping. if we ar talking about online shopping, then how can we forget ‘wish button’. Customers can mark a product as a favorite or add to the wish list and can buy it later. There are many e-commerce apps that lack this feature which ultimately results in loss of prospective customers.

Loading Speed: If the mobile page takes somewhere 10 seconds time to load the probability of bounce increases by 123%. Shocking right? In this tech world, people have a shortage of time so they are not going to use your app if it is taking more time to load. Ensure that the app has a fast loading speed that would aid the shoppers to hover over the site uninterruptedly.

Top E-Commerce Apps


The app has a global user base and can be considered as the most popular e-commerce giant of the present time. Unique features which make it so popular are: multilingual, multiple payment options, augmented reality enabled, international delivery option and many more.

Source: iTunes


The app provides free shipping over 75% of the products. Running discounts and offers are the USP of the app. Along with this, it can be accessed in multiple languages and it accepts multiple global currencies. Probably these are amongst the main reasons for the popularity of the app.

Source: PlayStore

The Last Lines

Sustainability is always a prime concern for any app. If you are looking to build your e-commerce app then ensure that it has the features that would help it in sustaining the tough and competitive industry. Assistance from a good mobile app development services company could be fruitful for you. But, before that, you should be clear about the visions of your business.