Insight of eWallet Mobile App Development Process

From the last 3000 years of human history, money has been the most important aspect of our life. The concept of money has faced tremendous changes, from the barter system to Bitcoin. Starting from exchanging goods and services for making payments to using fiat currency and then using cryptocurrency, a lot of changes have been made. Nowadays, money is available in both digital and physical formats.

We are living in a world where everything from ordering food to booking taxi and flight tickets can be done within just a few taps. Being a lead in race of smart devices, smart phones have exquisite space in our lives. People are getting more relied on these smart devices. Apart from entertainment, mobile phones are vigorously used by people for buying or selling products and grocery items, or booking tickets for weekends.

The evolution of money started from barter to coins than paper to plastic and now, mobile phones are used for cashless transactions. Within last few years, digital wallets have become main stream for faster and smooth fund transactions. The idea of digital wallet isn’t a new concept. If we look back in 1983, David Chaum created the first digital cash in form of cryptocurrency. According to some reports by Statista, there were around 1.57 billion mobile users worldwide, and the figure is expected to rise up to 2.87 billion by 2020.

Tips for Developing a Robust e-Wallet Application

If you want your e-Wallet app to be unique from others, you must include some extra and seamless features in your app. Here are some tips you can follow to make your e-Wallet app cutting-edge.

Lean Way

The development process must be lean and agile so that no paper receipts or physical signature are required from the user’s end. The payment receipts, discount coupons or offers must be routed digitally with the payment.


The transaction done via wallet applications takes only 3-5 seconds to finish the transaction. On the other hand, bank takes hours or even days for transferring funds. So integrating seamless and secure servers for a fast and smooth transaction is the best idea.

High Security

Security is the most important concern in the e-Wallet app development process. Protected by three layers of security techniques, it ensures users use your app without any fear.

Easy to Use

The topmost priority while developing an e-Wallet application is that it must be easy to use. The UI should allow the user to easily make payment just by entering a password and then entering the code for completing the payment.


The amount of virtual money should not be limited to and dimensions. Users can add money as much as they want to their wallets.

Major Features for Your App to Make It Successful

The following is the list of some of the most important and must-have features that you should include in your app.

Wallet to Bank Transfer

The e-wallet or digital wallet application allows the users to directly transfer funds from the wallet to bank account and vice versa.

Payment Gateway Integration

When it comes to payment gateways, integrating all possible gateways including PayPal allows your users to make payments in all possible ways.

Adding Credit/Debit Card or Bank Account

To make things simpler for the user, the e-Wallet app should allow user to add credit/debit cards and bank account also. By offering multiple cards and bank choices to users, you can make the application more flexible and user-friendly.

Bill Payment

Being a common feature of wallet applications, it allows users to make payment for utility bills.

POS Integration

The integration of POS systems in e-Wallet applications will expand the use of e-Wallet applications to brick and mortar stores also.

Expense Tracking

This may be counted as an extra feature, but it will help users to track their daily expenses and they can even manage the expenses also.



Since more and more people are adopting the e-Wallet payment technology, the future of digital wallet looks bright. People are accepting e-Wallets for paying bills, booking tickets as well as buying grocery and home utility items. So if you planning to invest money in app development than choosing e-Wallet application is the perfect option for generating profits from your business.