5 Trends Which Determine The Future Of Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development solutions are driven by the advancements in technology which takes the burden of your businesses and creates a vision for the next few years.


A consumer keeps installing new mobile applications (games, payment wallets, music apps, cameras, messenger apps, and more) to leverage the advantages while using them.


On the other hand, developers keep introducing new updates and features in the apps so that users continue to access them.


In today’s’ modern digital era, technological advancements are rapidly increasing. Dedicated mobile app developers of iOS & Android in the top custom mobile application development company in USA search and look to develop apps in order to make our lives easy, fast, and more productive.


“There are billions of smartphone users (approximately over 3 billion) and around 28 billion mobile apps download.”


The mobile application development services are certainly innovating app development sector and is the world’s biggest business market.


Both IT and software organizations or companies and the government now understand the need for mobile applications. As a result, more and more companies are investing time and money on mobile application development platforms to develop apps.


All these are being done to satisfy the needs and requirements of the users. Today companies hire professional Android and iPhone mobile app developers in USA, UK, or anywhere in the world.


“Moreover, reports suggest that there would be around 5 billion smartphone users. Furthermore, 80% of online traffic would come from mobile by the end of 2020.”


Though good mobile applications make our life simple, too many worst apps make our life hassle.


Mobile applications today are a bridge between consumers and app service providers. However, the future of mobile application development now relies on intuitive advanced AI-powered technologies.

Thus, we need to come closer to the technological aspects and this article is trying to introduce some of the upcoming trends in mobile application development.


Let’s get started with the latest 5 trends of mobile application development and design.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Today the apps related to AR/VR are increasing and results are going to be unbelievable in the upcoming years. As a result, the way of interaction between people and software will transform drastically.


“According to reports from the internet, mobile Augmented Reality (AR) will drive a $108 billion VR/AR market by 2021, where AR accounts for $83 billion while VR for $25 billion.”


If we take a deeper look into it, then we would see that Virtual Reality (VR) is more associated with mobile gaming applications. VR is a trend already, will continue in the future, and will thrive more in the upcoming years.


This results in a better mobile application user experience capable of offering a higher dose of entertainment.

Cloud-based apps

There are various advantages attached to cloud technology. Some of them are as follows: reduced hosting and operational cost, scalable infrastructure, seamless performance, increased productivity, and expandable storage.


Cloud-based mobile application development solutions reduce the internal memory load simply by fetching the real-time data directly from the cloud. Therefore, such apps are more beneficial for hired dedicated app developers of mobile.


Cloud-based apps easily works with any mobile application development platform, whether it is native, hybrid, or cross-platform.


“As per the reports from Forbes, the global public cloud market seems to grow to $190 billion in 2019. By 2020, it can clear $ 250 billion mark.”


Microsoft Azure, Google, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) captured 76 percent of all cloud platform revenue in 2018 and might acquire 80 percent by 2020.


Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc. are some apps which have become hugely popular as they have high computing power.


Big Data

Big Data is already an emerging technology in the IT and software sector. Moreover, its usage in mobile app development services is creating a new history while revolutionizing the data sector.


“It is estimated that by the year 2020, every second 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created for every human on the earth.”


Tech-giant companies like Uber are already using Big Data in their apps. We can see more implementation by the different mobile application development companies in USA in their app development projects.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, & Chatbots

With the help of these advanced technologies, the world is getting smarter. For instance, businesses are getting closer to their customers which is actually helping both of them.


While businesses are able to rank up with growing revenues, customers are able to use better services.


Today, many popular apps use AI to understand their customers in a better way. The machine learning is able to make more fluent translations. Additionally, deep learning is able to read our behavior.


And all these are being installed in the chatbots, digital assistants, and virtual assistants. And we can only hope that nothing goes wrong as we have seen in Hollywood movies!


These technologies are the new market for people. Hence, if you have any plan to become a passionate mobile application developer, then you must learn these trending technologies.


I hope you get hired as a top mobile application development service provider in USA.  


Blockchain and Cryptos

The internet is full of malevolent software which we generally call viruses and malware. These illicit components have presented big challenges to real-time cybersecurity.


More specifically in the online payment transactions, data exchange, data migration, and many more. Therefore, the secured transactions based upon the mobility application solutions can increasingly play a leading role.


Almost all the industries are concerned about the security. And well developed, integrated cybersecurity apps can offer a bit of relaxation to the business owners.


According to a study by IBM, almost all government firms are planning to invest in the blockchain. Actually, blockchain keeps the data secure and makes financial transaction management, contract management, asset management, and regulatory compliance more secure.


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies will grow forward and in the upcoming years, they will evolve more. Studies show that most of the trade finance by 2025 will use blockchain.


Here, we cannot deny that the increase in mobile applications is already an assured story in our digital ecosystem. However, one thing in which the human race can lag behind is the unavailability of skilled developers.


But, cutting down this possibility to short we now know that the businesses are moving towards mobility and all the custom software development companies must keep an eye on these trends of mobile application development.