Mobile Technology In Constructive Mode - Updates And Predictions For 2020

Mobile Technology Updates and Predictions for 2020

Mobile technology is not something limited to a handy device. It is rather more advanced now due to the rise of smartphone technology. Mobiles are now not just used for sending texts and making calls. People are using them today for better connected and convenient experience. Mobile app development companies are moving everything ahead with their app solutions. Mobile technology is expected to grow in diverse areas. These latest advancements will be seen in 2020 on large scale.


Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence has become a crucial part of technological advancements and will be used by many software development companies as a progressive technology. It helps in establishing user engagement and work better than human intelligence. AI includes chatbots, advanced image recognition, facial recognition, voice search, etc.

AI don’t need any introduction. By now, medical pharma and manufacturing sectors had amazing experience of promoting their products and offers through AI and machine learning. Machine learning integration and AI deployment is helpful for app developers. They can grasp the procedure of app building from available data, detect loopholes, and fix them in real-time.

IoT and AI automate the things like devices, automobiles, houses, etc. Future trends of AI are as under-

  • User Behaviour Prediction
  • IoT and AI integration
  • AI-based face unlock
  • Smart camera with subject ID
  • High app reliability
  • Better battery lifespan with adaptive battery
  • Language translations
  • AIOps for automation of IT functions


5G Internet

There are some countries where 5G devices are already being sold by the stores. The 5G speed is already in news and this high-speed internet is expected to accelerate its potential in 2020. 5G internet speed will bring an unmatched internet experience to the user with a easier setup process. Today, if 3GB movie takes 3 minutes to download, with 5G internet speed you can do it within five seconds.

Benefits linked to 5G internet

  • Higher system connectivity
  • Reduced latency
  • High data rate
  • Capacity of saving energy
  • Cost reduction
  • Data security
  • Augmented reality
  • Advance 3D gaming

5G services are linked to several new opportunities. Developers need to intend their applications in right manner in order to bring faster network speed to the app user.



Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) are the initial components used by enterprise mobile app developers. APM is the mobile metrics launched in 2016 to boost the app performance by reducing the snag. APM is now a sustainable tool used by QA testers for testing apps.

EMM or Enterprise Mobility Management platform provides a safe platform for mobile devices used by company employees. There is app maintenance, app security, and finance management in EMM model. It makes employees more efficient by allowing them to exchange data and apps through mobile devices in secure way.


Mobile wallets

The rise of E-banking and E-commerce initiates the online payment options for all users. More clients are now shifting to mCommerce after the introduction of Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Technology like Blockchain is becoming a crucial element of mobile payments to make apps secure with protected transaction processes. The reason behind integrating a payment gateway into an app is simple- cash was replaced by plastic money and now, it’s the turn of plastic money to get replaced with digital money.

Most awaited mobile wallet app development trends for 2020 are -

  • Contactless Payment
  • Protected Mobile Wallets

There is a need of encrypted security to safeguard user’s money in the wallet.



Chatbots are already taking over several desk communication aspects. Customers are interacting with chatbots in real-time and sharing their requirements. This technology is not a replacement of human; but is surely saving time of administration. Companies are getting more opportunities due to client engagement. The use of chatbots in 2020 will increase. With better AI involvement, the upcoming chatbots will interact more like a human.


Smart City Advancements

While the concept of smart cities is still on its way, there are still more things to call it a reality than a prediction. The 5G networks will increase the use of futuristic scooters, drones, smart lights, driverless cars, sensors, and more features that create a city - smart city. The future of smart city can be decided by AI and other types of mobile technology together using open data collection for better interaction and advance services.


Cloud Integrated Mobile Apps

Cloud technology has its own perks and opportunities to offer. Today, it is the most trusted platform to store and access business data more safely, instantly, and smoothly. So far, cloud technology has not served much to mobile app development. However, things will change in 2020 and Android app developers will integrate cloud technology to a great extent.

Cloud integration provide benefits to both the users and app developers. Future cloud technology app includes hybrid cloud solutions, cloud quantum computing, and multi-cloud platforms.

Digital Technology has changed everything in our life. Before mobile technology, we were dependent on dictionaries to find the word meaning. Today, there are dictionary apps to help us find the meaning, synonyms, thesaurus, and other stuff instantly on finger tip. This development is never-ending and will bring more revolutionary changes to our lives. In upcoming years, driverless cars will be a norm for people and robots will accompany human in factories.