9 Must Have Features for On-Demand Doctor Appointment App

On-Demand Doctor Appointment App Development

In recent years, the healthcare app domain has grown immensely. And the doctor of the 21st century is leveraging the benefits of IT development in healthcare for providing services to a large number of people efficiently and seamlessly.

But, before building your own doctor’s booking appointment application, it is important to understand some key specifications related to features and functioning. It is ideal to take the help of the best android app development company for making a doctor appointment app. And for ensuring your on-demand doctor booking and appointment app system is top-notch, you must have to include some features that are:



1. Profile Creation

The creation of a doctor as well as the patient profile is the first and the most important key feature of the on-demand doctor booking and appointment application. In this, both doctors and patients fill their details for creating a respective profile. The doctor's profile may consist of some information that is:

  • Location of the doctor
  • Competence
  • Photos
  • Rating

And the patient's profile will have information such as:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Age, sex, and other information


2. Searching

This feature allows the patients to search for a suitable doctor as per their specific needs. And they can search for doctors using various filters like doctor's specialty, area, type of care, preferable time, available insurance, and much more.


3. Appointment Booking

After selecting a suitable doctor, the patient can send a request for the appointment. A built-in chat is also provided so that they can discuss any additional issues or queries. And when the doctor and the patient are on the same page by discussing everything out, the doctor then confirms the appointment request.


4. Multiple Payment Options

While the world is progressing to a cashless society, you should also integrate the in-built payment gateway in your on-demand doctor appointment scheduling app. It allows the users to make payments via multiple modes such as credit card, debit card, and wallet without any hassles.


5. Emergency

No one can predict when a medical emergency might occur, so it is important your online appointment booking app has a feature that can manage all the SOS and emergency cases. It will allow the users to call for an ambulance by just making a few clicks on their smartphone.


6. GPS Tracking

It helps both patients and doctors to locate each other in the least possible time with accurate and short routes.


7. Live Video Conferencing

This is one of the most important features of an online appointment app. It allows the users to have personal interactions with their doctor and also saves the user's time as they don't need to visit the clinics all the time.


8. Push Notifications

With the help of this feature, users can get push notifications on their mobile phones. And also, the admin can send them reminders about the appointment, medicines, and many more.


9. Document Sharing

It allows users to share their previous prescriptions and medical records. And it also assists the doctor in the diagnosis process.



The medical app for a doctor appointment is the new thing for both patients and doctors and their increasing popularity attracts many people including doctors, patients, medical institutions, and others. You should take the help of an iPhone/ Android app development company in India, or wherever you live, for developing an on-demand appointment app with all cater to the above-mentioned features.