Top Trending iOS Apps in 2020

Today, in the Smartphone era, whether iOS or Android, we are looking for the best applications to develop on our phone, which can help us with things in our routine life and are best in use for entertainment purposes. Mobile App development companies are diligently working on ways to make our lives smoother.


Possessing an iPad or iPhone means you are capable of downloading a ton of apps on your devices. You have too many options to choose from, starting from gaming apps to dating apps. There’s too much beyond our imagination. And don’t worry, you don’t have to purchase all the apps. Some apps have a free version, too; you can then choose to upgrade it as per your convenience and liking.

In this article, we will look towards some apps that are best to have in 2020  if you are an iOS user. These apps can undoubtedly set you apart from Android users. Also, with millions of applications in the App Store, and it is super confusing which ones to install. So, in case you need some help, you are in the right place.

This one has been the best iPhone app of the month!


Unlike Apple Music, SongOwl can know your type of music through your iPhone’s music collection list. The ones that streaming services offer, like latest releases and yes, even radio. This app helps you reach your taste of music faster.


Moreover, it also provides folders for your favorites, playlists, library, and a search. You can manage to save them from most played to least played in your album, also sort the music alphabetically.


User-friendly, and quick to use, this app offers you options to delete anything from your iCloud.  If you have a classical taste in music, don’t worry, you’ve got it all. SongOwl offers the facility to create a C’s Classical Music Player. Hence, if you are a music lover, you should try this app.


This is one of the best apps and, most importantly, free. It helps you focus on the object and remove the object you want with a brush. Face blemishes can be eliminated too, and also pimple, yikes. An object like a chair behind you in your picture is super unwanted; you can just focus on it and remove it with the brush's help. You can also increase or decrease the brush size depending upon the size of the object. Have you got a photo bomber friend? Excellent. Now you know the solution. You can remove a photo bomber too. You can also undo, if you feel you have mistakenly erased too much.


Why wait to upload an awesome picture on the internet, just because of an unwanted object in your photo.


So, you want to transform a photo into a sketch right away? Inkwork is your friend. With the glossy and bright interface, you can rapidly shift the backdrop and the ink colors, the measurements of the strokes, making your sketch more thorough and conceptual. However, the maximum time you will spend is using those fantastic filters.


Too many filters can make it seem overwhelming. But for the black and white art lovers, you have got everything her from scratch to the end.


Apple’s Photo editor is undoubtedly great but has its limitations, whereas Apollo seems to offer us unlimited facilities, like applying new light sources to Portrait style pictures. Moreover, it records in-depth information, and can be of great use on any recent iPhone models, like iPhone 7 plus, 8 plus, any X models.

Apollo offers both pros and amateurs to try things not possible in the real world. You can form scene lightning by adding or eliminating light.



A vintage Camera app RTRO, is a decent little app, created by filmmakers; and almost works as if a DSLR.


The app is stylish if you have your doubts. RTRO has a tad of Retro types vibe, and it fits well with its vintage look. Ranging from distressed VHS fuzz to unnoticeable color changes and film grain, you will find it all. You can also find a few notes from the creator of a particular filter to know their purpose behind it.

You can capture a video across multiple shots up to 60 secs, and it is quite effortless.

Discussed too much on camera and filters, now let's look into other areas.


Very Veggie

Are you a vegetarian as well, who is unable to decide what to cook and how to? Here is your messiah. Very Veggie has 134 vegetarian and vegan recipes around the globe. You can find to prepare something fascinating in this app. The best part is that once you are done installing the app, you don’t need an internet connection. You can also filter by ingredient on the dishes to cook, thus avoiding going outside.



This is one of the best for the LGBTQ community. It has a vast network. Also, with the help of your location settings, it can help you find members to talk to and date who are closer to you. Beyond dating, it offers a group chat feature to get together with your buddies.



This is one of the best apps for personalizing your dieting plans, keeping track of your food intake and calories. Are you looking forward to getting fit and healthier? Lifesum offers a great variety of diet plans, to begin with. It includes meal plans for various kinds of diets like Keto, vegan, paleo diet, and more. However, a lot of these plans need you to subscribe to unlock them.



App development companies have developed millions of apps for our entertainment and use. They are still doing their best to offer us with apps that have the best features of all. Out of millions of apps, this is a gist of a few apps which are trending in the 2020 era, if you are a music lover, health-conscious person, veggie-lover, a selfie person, and a photo editor. The list is longer than this, but there are just too many apps to mention here, and for you to even read.