How COVID-19 Has Created A Stir In The Mobile App World?

January 2020; started with a usual shout across the world, where we ended up making resolutions (surprisingly they always get carried forward to next year) and with enough social shout, we stepped into a new year, with loads of hopes and aspirations in our hearts and minds.

Then came March 2020, when the UN realized finally ? it is good to alert the world that COVID-19 is REAL & FATAL!

And this was the end of our regular life, where everything I mean literally EVERYTHING around faced a major brunt of the virus outbreak, and suddenly there was a halt to our daily walks, our regular office hours, meeting friends, weekend outings, shopping in the downtown area, buying groceries, and much more!

Businesses were left with no option but to shut their doors temporarily and sadly for some it was a permanent shut, many employees cried, as they lost jobs and earning resources, and the world which was once reeling in the best of worldly moments, was shut with no hope.

It was nothing less than a Greek tragedy, but hey wait there was another side of the story as well.

And this story was brought into existence, through the means of technology. Yes, you heard me all correct!

Technology brought a digital curve, helping businesses and services to come on a platform that could easily be accessed by the consumers at their doorstep, without moving out and following the guidelines. Mobile app technology was already reaching a pinnacle, bringing every service to the fingertips, but with the COVID-19 the worth of this technology proved its true potential, bringing that thin-line gap also, which was left to be picked.

If you wonder how this all could be made possible, then you need to keep scrolling to this post to understand the journey of the mobile app during the pandemic.

1. Healthcare found a new way

Healthcare has always remained a top priority for each of us, and during the pandemic, this need was well-addressed by mobile apps. Here telemedicine app during the pandemic, also helped users to access diagnosis, treatment, consultation, book appointments, and take medicines recommendation in the event of an emergency.

2. Grocery delivery is knocking at your door

We all know grocery is the prime requirement of our day-to-day usage, and thinking a day spent without, is impossible. We all know that during the pandemic, the constant lockdown and #socialdistancing brought us to a situation, where moving out was not a feasible task. Here app technology brought ease and helped each of us to get the groceries delivered at our doorstep.

3. Entertainment got a new meaning

Entertainment is a necessity, and we look forward to it, to unwind ourselves. And this necessity turned into a mandatory fact, amid the pandemic, as we needed something to keep our sanity in check, and this is where entertainment apps brought convenience to us and helped in finding new means to stay entertained and get relished.


4. Online shopping is all about comfort

Shopping different products, medicines, safety equipment, such as gloves, masks, and sanitizers, through the online mode, has brought convenience to the users. With just a smart tap on the smartphone, getting everything delivered at the doorstep is eventually a source of great ease.

5. Restaurants have got a digital shift

The online food delivery market has made a difference during the virus outbreak, with the app technology. As restaurants are unable to have the dine-in experience, due to COVID-19, the online apps let them enhance their revenue generation model, and provide food delivery services, to the users, who want to get the food.

App development in the crisis

App technology is a great platform to invest and facilitate digitalization in these tough times, and the above-mentioned are just a glimpse of benefits offered to different industries, but there are many other use-cases where COVID-19 has transformed the cycle of app technology and its usage.

If you are yet to unleash the benefits of the app on your business, then you must grab it today, and get the reasons to thrive during and after the pandemic. Get in touch with the Techugo team today and give your business a new meaning.