Top 5 Reasons To Hire An Offshore Mobile App Developer

The demand for mobile application development is growing day by day at a rapid speed, with many businesses launching mobile applications to showcase their businesses. Moreover, Mobile applications are allowing businesses to connect with audiences socially and emotionally. With the help of mobile applications, a business can compete and survive in this competitive field.

Offshoring means hiring a team of developers for projects in another country instead of working with an in-house team. These assignments can be website development, mobile application development, software, or product development. Hiring offshore developers is considered as a remarkable measure of cost-cutting for any organization.

Offshore mobile app development is becoming a trend among organizations. Most entrepreneurs admire outsource development. The productive solutions to business needs with the help of qualified overseas mobile app developers in a quick span of time will benefit a business.

Why do companies opt for Offshore Development?

Creating an In-House team requires money, time, effort, and gives less flexibility. Companies, low on funds often have to settle with less qualified or inexperienced developers, which drastically affects the business in the long run. According to Quartz reports, 46% of the startups fail because they run out of money in the initial phase. By choosing an overseas developer team, you can cut-off expenses such as office rents, low-cost salaries, and recruitment fees. But, these are not the only benefits.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Hire an offshore Mobile App Developer:-

1. Cost Viability

Hiring an offshore mobile app development company furnishes you with a pool of pocket-friendly talent. Thanks to the different minimum wages, you can hire highly experienced or even better than onshore developers for half the price. The cost of living in different countries such as India is less than in the USA. Thus, it is just perfect for you to hire mobile app developers in India.

Not only that, but you don’t have to spend time and money in the recruitment process, finding the best of professionals. Without compromising quality and time, you can save as much as 65% by outsourcing your application development needs to a distant-water mobile app development company.

2. Short-Term Commitments

With the offshore developers, you get the work done in a quick span of time without hiring someone full-time. Overseas mobile app developers will cover your needs in the shortest time possible, in the deadline. So, you will only have to pay a fixed price, even if they take more time.

Only through offshoring, you can hire qualified and experienced mobile application developers who are flexible for the duration of the project. Abroad hiring is a risk-free commitment, as you can easily grow or scale your team without having to worry about the cost.

3. Streamlining Workflow

When you connect with an offshore mobile app development company, you are free from your burdens. It is now their responsibility to develop a high-quality mobile application solution for your business. Many organizations and leading tech solutions focus on countries with low production costs and high-quality work such as India. Therefore, offshore app development companies in India are full of the latest technical solutions for mobile applications and virtual infrastructure.

For instance, India is a leading tech hub in the world and companies are outsourcing projects to Indian IT companies because of low production cost and high-quality results. Therefore, you should hire mobile app developers in India for a seamless workflow.

4. Connecting with the best

By going overseas, you can choose from several highly qualified developers and the best of professionals. In the UK, almost 25000 tech students graduate in a year. Similarly, in India, there are almost 1,90,000 tech students graduates each year. Naturally, the odds of hiring an expert developer in India are way higher than in any other country.

Moreover, Hiring an offshore developer simply means you are working with professionals who have experience in the field and proficient in handling international clients. This reduces problems of miscommunications and room for errors, resulting in an efficient and quality workflow.

5. Flexibility

One of the major drawbacks when working with an In-House team is that you cannot change the technology stack. However, when you outsource a project to an overseas development company, you have an option to change the technology stack at any time. Moving from IOS developers to react-native developers becomes a challenge with the In-House team.

In fact, Offshore development companies furnish you with access to different developer teams such as web development, app development, and react-native development team.

Misconceptions about offshore hiring

Splendid things often come with misconceptions and offshore mobile app development services are no different. There are some misconceptions about overseas development services. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Language Barriers

The language barrier poses a key challenge, but it doesn’t apply to programming codes. Developers around the world speak the same language of code and offer even better results than onshore developers. As most of the overseas developers are already proficient in handling international clients, they can communicate easily with no language barriers.

2. You are not the boss

You can’t keep an eye on the project progress, It's a common misconception. However, the truth is you can track and check the progress anytime. You are the boss and you can always let the programmer know about your requirements and changes regarding the respective project anytime.

3. Data Breaching

“Offshore developers are prone to data breaches”, is another common misconception. But in reality, every outsourcing provider follows standard cybersecurity protocols. No overseas company wants to downgrade its image. An offshoring company is furnished with securing data and ensures that no form of data will be leaked.


Investing in an offshore development company will open new doors that will allow you to be faster and creative than your competitors. The benefits of hiring an overseas development company are incomparable to hiring your in-house developers. Offshore outsourcing offers you a pool of talent at less cost with quality and unique features. Any business must enlist the best and most experienced development team to make the project the very best.

Moreover, when offshore developers sign the agreement, they are prevented from conducting any data breaches and illegal activities. Thus, your project is in a good place. All you need to do is outsource the project to a qualified and experienced team of developers.

However, when you hire an offshore development team, make sure you have regarded the country’s taxation system, privacy regulations, and employment laws that can affect the development process. Developing countries like India do not follow strict privacy and taxation laws. Labour and production cost in India is also much lower than in developed countries. Therefore, it is best to hire a mobile app developer in India to get a quality job done at less cost.