6 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Consultants and Companies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the successful and fastest-growing technologies used worldwide.

From large companies to online small businesses, artificial intelligence is used by multiple entities worldwide.

What's the role of Artificial Intelligence in Consulting Companies? What do companies think about this technology?

In this blog, we'll cover everything from AI use for Consultants and Companies to the advantages it brings and also dives into the most crucial artificial intelligence statistics you need to know in 2021.

Forecast growth of the artificial intelligence (AI) software market worldwide from 2019 to 2025.

In 2017 10% percent of companies reported that they were already using artificial intelligence technology or would be doing so soon. In 2019 Usage of AI within organizations has increased to 37 percent. The high growth came between 2018 to 2019.

The most refined data by ai Multiple.com shows that artificial intelligence's market size was $27.23 billion in 2020 (Fortune Business Insights, 2020). This figure has predicted to reach $266.92 billion by 2027—a nearly tenfold increase in just eight years and a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 33.2 percent.

How are Consulting Firms Using AI?

In today's time, consultants are facing many common Invoicing challenges in the industry. Keeping track of billable hours and invoicing clients for their time is critical for running a consulting company.

To get paid for their work, consultants use AI to keep the client's meticulous records for whom they are working and invoice them regularly.

With AI-based software, Consultants can generate professional invoices that clearly describe their worked hours and the sum owed.

Consulting companies handle many clients every day, and they face problems related to client management, time management, and expense management. To counter all these problems, these companies can use custom consulting billing software like invoicera, designed explicitly for time estimates, Client Estimates, and Invoices promptly.

It's common in the consulting industry to charge their clients by the hour. If that's an arrangement they have with some or all of their clients, they must acquire a system to track their hours.

For a successful consulting firm, it is essential to use time-based billing software that helps in improving productivity & maintain proper workflow.

What are the benefits of AI and automation for consulting firms?

Many AI benefits for consulting firms show the dependence on artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. As these emerging technologies advance, many enterprises consider incorporating AI or, at the very least, automation into their operations. According to a Narrative Science report, the number of companies implementing AI within the space of onboarding is increasing.

1) Workflow efficiency                                              

With the proper cash flow, any consultancy can improve their work efficiency. Firms can automate their tasks are performed at a rate and size that humans cannot match.

Simultaneously, by eliminating tasks like manual invoicing from human employees' duties, consulting billing software allows you to focus on higher-value automated invoicing and tracking invoices. This technology enables companies to reduce the costs of performing mundane, repeatable activities that can be automated while still optimizing their human resources talent.

2) Multi-layer security

AI-based Consultant billing software can successfully detect fraud attempts and unauthorized access to personal data in the financial sector, banking services, and other areas where data privacy is essential.

The software also provides 3 layers- security to secure an account from unwanted interruptions and keep the client data safe.

3) Productivity benefits

With the help of custom consulting billing software, consultants can automate the administrative functions to boost their team’s efficiency. Consultants can automate each process, such as time-based billing, client management, contractor management, and expense management from software like Invoicera.

Using AI for consultants isn't just a way to break up the monotonous routine of your business process; it's also a way to free up more time, improve the company’s abilities for managing finances, and put them to solve more complicated and imaginative problems.

4) Data collection

Artificial intelligence (AI) can store, manage, and interpret vast volumes of data more effectively and rapidly than the average person. As a result, it can provide more precise information in various business fields, including revenue, processes, supply chain, project management, etc. This knowledge helps consultants to improve their client offerings and services and their clients' ROIs by managing their different accounts on a single dashboard.

5) Cost-cutting and profit-boosting

Consulting billing software offers a range of beneficial opportunities for companies regarding cost efficiency and profit enhancement, enabling them to send the invoice promptly.

This software enables companies to get customized billing software that reduces the costs of performing repeatable activities that can be automated and help get paid quickly.

6) Tracking tool for consultant

Invoicera helps consultancies monitor invoice positions and automatically records all their invoices weekly or monthly time logs. It's designed for job versatility, allowing firms to track clients' project budgets and manage their clients across all over the world, no matter where the consultancy is situated. All clients and projects can be tracked, reported on, and billed in one location.                   

7) Streamline admin tasks

Processing repetitive paperwork is perhaps one of the most tedious aspects of any consultant's job. Admin tasks can slow down a consulting company, whether it's manually generating client invoices, processing payroll, or creating client progress reports. According to a new study by Sage, the average small company, including smaller consultancies, spends 120 days on average.

AI-based consulting, any company can automate their invoices and can also schedule them. With software, host your custom invoice and combine it with your existing ERP and CRM for more efficient processes.

What is the significance of AI consulting?

The importance of integrating artificial intelligence-related products is growing. Ai-related products are in high demand right now, but supply is small. Either the technology isn't yet mature, or the businesses are unsure which firm to employ. As a result, artificial intelligence consulting will become a big industry in the not-too-distant future.

Many consulting companies are adopting technology, and the rest plans to do so in the next five years.

Although consultants have high hopes for AI, these two studies indicate that firms are not using AI to their maximum potential. Companies have high aspirations, according to BCG – MIT Sloan Management Review.


From the reference of the website:


Kraft Heinz

Kraft Heinz is a consumer-packaged-goods company, and they needed new ways to innovate, test, deploy minimal viable products (MVPs) quickly. With the IBM Garage tool and IBM experts' consultancy, Kraft Heinz created a new framework to achieve rapid ideation, prototyping, and testing. One of those innovative products is LEGO, an AI-powered algorithm that helps field sales teams understand store performance or identify growth opportunities. When products run low, LEGO sends notifications to field sales in real-time so that Kraft distributes each product more quickly and efficiently to stores and restaurants around the world.

How Invoicera helps in Making Billing for Consultants?

Invoicing software allows you to generate and send invoices directly to your customers. The tool provides you with payment from home and basic features like tracking time and expenses and integrating all payment gateways, so you don't have to wait for a paper cheque in the mail.

The proper billing and invoicing software make it easier to track business cash flow, create auto invoices and track payments, contain projects on a single dashboard, and most importantly, customize according to business needs. That the business owner worth it. A happy and manageable business operation.

Time-Based Billing Made Easy with INVOICERA Custom Consultant Billing Software.

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