Mobile / 02.11.2011

Tracing the Links Between Location Based Mobile Marketing and Direct Mail

by Selectabase Marketing

In the latest trend to hit direct and digital marketing, location based campaigns using smartphone technology are being utilised by ...

Mobile / 01.04.2011

How to Adopt Effective Mobile Marketing Campaigns

by Robert Gonzales

In order to be successful in any business it is essential to adopt various marketing strategies. With the coming up of ...

Mobile / 19.01.2011

Internet versus Mobile Marketing: Which Is Better?

by Brad Campbell

Marketing your business is extremely important to make sure that you are getting the kind of exposure that you are ...

Mobile / 15.09.2010

Mobile Marketing or Social Media Marketing - Which Goes Better with Email Marketing?

by Dan Miller

Some email marketers see the rise of social media marketing and mobile communications as a threat to the dominance of ...

Mobile / 26.05.2010

Top 10 Misconceptions About Mobile Marketing

by Nine Mobile

  Mobile Marketing is on the rise, especially this year. It is predicted that there will be a spending of 2.16 ...

Mobile / 02.12.2009

Ethics of Mobile Marketing

by Txtimpact txtimpact txtimpact

  Ethics of Mobile Marketing: Since consumers first started to use SMS marketers have had the idea of text message marketing ...

Mobile / 27.07.2009

Advantages of SMPP over SMTP for Mobile Marketing

by Philip Thomas

The ever-increasing popularity of mobile phones vindicates a good opportunity to attract prospects through mobile marketing. Text messaging is one ...

Mobile / 15.10.2008

Mobile marketing gets "global code of conduct"

by Brooklyn Bhandari

  The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), which represents 650 member companies worldwide, has released its Global Code of Conduct, designed to provide guidelines ...