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Top 2011 Search Engine Optimization Techniques

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by James Salerno
January 25, 2011

James Salerno

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The recent changes in Google Algorithm, ranking criteria and Local Listing have brought in some exciting new avenues for professional online marketers to look at. Real Time and Personalized Search are here to stay and increased social networking has ushered in the importance of Social Media Optimization while Google Map listings are serving as a boon for small and medium local businesses.

Says James Salerno, Managing Partner of Boston based Sales Success Consulting(http://www.salessuccessconsulting.com), “The new year has surely ushered in a lot of new opportunities and developments on the SEO front. Unique content, strong onsite optimization,and quality submissions take the fore front in the new ranking scenario among other things such as quality backlinks and social media optimization.”  Sales Success Consulting is a Boston based website designing company specializing in SEO Boston services.

Here are few important aspects business owners should look at for improved rankings in 2011

1. Identify the power of Social Networking: In case you haven’t heard, many experts predict Social Media will occupy more than 10% of total online marketing efforts of big companies. Make sure your Facebook and Twitter Profile looks professional and is updated regularly. Useful links, information and articles will encourage more followers and lead to more hits. However, visitors on social networks are sometimes very ruthless in cases of negative publicity, therefore all attempts should be made to keep all clients satisfied.

2. Get those Reviews: Reviews and citations are perhaps the most important aspect as we move in to the New Year. Many customers are now leaving online feedback about their good or bad experiences with a service, person, or product and there have been numerous case-studies when even a single bad review had a major impact on sales and rankings. “A positive online presence is critical for your online businesses success”, says James Salerno. “It is imperative all unsatisfied reviews are promptly addressed and resolved in the best way possible”.

3. Go Local: Local SEO and an optimized Google Maps/Places listing is another top priority for online marketers. “Market dynamics will make local SEO the most important factor in online promotion”, says James Salerno. “Consumers prefer to look at city-based results for their product or service requirements and local listings will take the forefront of SEO efforts”.

4. Social Media Optimization (SMO): SMO is the future of effective SEO. Social Media is not a new concept; it has been around for quite some time now and businesses that already have a good social profile and presence are bound to gain in terms of increased visibility for their products and services.

5. Quality submissions not volume submissions: Google’s new duplicate content finder has pushed links having similar content to low rankings. This simply means that posting the same articles or press releases on 200 sites won’t help. Smart SEO calls for quality submission to quality websites. These websites have stricter submission guidelines so it’s important to ensure content is unique and informative. Bulk submissions or automated submissions are a strict no-no.

6. Video&Blog Submissions: Many SEO experts are now increasingly using videos to connect to their prospective leads. James Salerno says, “There are some really good video sites in addition to YouTube. Submission of professional videos to these sites can help increase your rankings considerably.” A regularly updated blog will get you good backlinks in addition to good rankings.

SEO now encompasses a wide range of professional activities. If you are looking for a professional SEO and SEM company specializing in taking your online promotion to the next level in 2011, contact James Salerno at Sales Success Consulting, Boston. SSC is a website designing and SEO company based in Boston, MA providing services such as custom web development, content writing, SEO, SMO and mobile app development.  Call Boston’s leading SEO Expert at 800 539 0685 or visit us at http://www.salessuccessconsulting.com. We help grow your Sales and Profit.


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