Impact of Social Media on SEO

Social media marketing enhances and benefits your SEO.

Mike Seidle from Pro Blog Service wrote..."Most of our clients at Professional Blog Service come in thinking  SEO. Somewhere they hear that blogging works for getting better ranks  on Google. Then a funny thing happens: After about one-three weeks the light goes on and they realize that  social media can be much bigger than SEO for their business. After that  the game changes to a full on social media blitz - and the SEO benefits  - they don’t go away."    

This comment to a post by Lee Odden is just one of many from professional Internet marketing companies who are discovering that coupling social media marketing with traditional search engine optimization and other Internet marketing venues is an absolute PLUS for their clients. As Lee puts it..."Many search engine optimization consultants that engage social media  channels have noticed how their efforts resulted in community building  effects.  Building up profiles on various social media sites and  participating in communities to share and promote content attract  links, but it also builds trust."       

        That's the bottom line with social media outlets.

        1) It creates a community around your brand, your product, your service.

        2) It enhances customer service for your clients.

        3) It builds trust.


        Can the SEO firm do this for you? NO! - Well, let me be more clear, the SEO firm can create accounts for you at social media outlets, they can write your profile, add your photos, etc. But they CAN NOT engage with your customers. After all, SEO firms know about the Internet and marketing, they don't know about your business or your industry. Only you do. (Or at the very least someone at your company).     

        You might say to yourself, "I'm a small company, I don't have the time or manpower for this social media thing."  It's funny, because I remember comments like this in 2000 when I first began my SEO firm. Business owners were telling me they just didn't have the time for this "internet thing".  Then about 5 years later I started hearing comments like, "I don't have time for this blogging thing." I certainly don't need to tell you that the "internet thing" and the "blogging thing" have both proven to be very, very powerful and productive marketing tools at extremely low costs compared to other marketing venues. Social media will do the same and more.      

        Businesses, large and small are learning to use social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to engage with their customers, to monitor what others are saying about them and to showcase the more "human side" of the company. If large industries like Dell, Absolut Vodka, AT&T, Avon, Coca-Cola, Goodwill, Hersheys, JCPenney, National Geographic, Purina, Samsung,, Taco Bell, The Home Depot, Tyson Foods, Wal-Mart and so many others - have seen the benefits of social media - I am positive, absolutely positive that the small business owners across the globe can figure out how to incorporate this into their business.   

        To give you some ideas, here's a great List of Social Media Marketing Examples. It's very extensive and will give you lots of information! I love Absolute's Vodka Top Bartender page on Facebook! What a great idea.      

        So, the bottom line is, for 2009, add and/or enhance your social media marketing. Millions of people have already jumped in and are reaping the benefits! Why shouldn't you?