Why Search Engine Traffic is Not Vital to Blogs

With the growing popularity of social network marketing as the primary means of free online advertising is search engine traffic falling to the wayside?

When you consider that blogs are becoming more widely utilized as marketing platforms you begin to see a de-emphasis being placed on internet SEO within blogging circles.

Traffic from search engines commonly referred to as organic traffic use to be regarded as a precious gem to online marketers since it presented targeted traffic at no cost. This form of free online advertising was highly coveted and still is by many in the marketing community. There is however a movement of web 2.0 'renegades' who have a growing disdain for internet SEO. This disenchantment stems not from what following good SEO tips can produce but more for the effort involved and the 'mystery' behind it.

Fact is social network marketing is both effective and fun involving a lot less work while also being a heck of a lot less confusing. When you couple this with the already socially oriented blogging community it seems like a match made in heaven.

Now the obvious question must be asked as to whether bloggers and especially those who promote goods and services can survive without SEO generated traffic.

On the surface the answer to this question seems to be ABSOLUTELY YES and here are 3 reasons why.

The Content is What Attracts

Sure getting them 'in the door' is important but producing accurate and meaningful content is just as much a priority. By getting involved in the 'community' which is something every successful blogger must do, you can also generate traffic. You are in essence 'killing two birds with one stone.'

It is important to realize that as a blogger your 'socializing' also gives you valuable information upon which to base your content and restructure your blog. Can SEO do that?

Blog Comments

Comments left on your blog by readers are a valuable source of feedback for you. Blog comments reflect reader satisfaction, dissatisfaction and suggestions enabling the blog owner to better direct their own efforts to improve.

Another point that is important to address here is that since websites are not updated frequently they remain pretty much static. Their purpose is different from that of a blog insofar as a website is designed to dispense information usually on a one time basis. With that said the need for a continual flow of fresh traffic at a website is vital and proper site optimization for the search engines is more suited for their purpose.

SEO Does Not Breed Loyalty

Social network marketing along with other means of social media advertising get visitors to your blog but your quality is what breeds loyalty. A blogs success is measured by repeat visitors and your readers return based upon the content and not how well optimized your site is period.

Now the point here is that search engine traffic is very valuable and beneficial to any site but a viable substitute does exist for the blogging community. Social network marketing more readily fits into the already existing responsibilities of the typical blogger. Although quality SEO tips are advantageous to any blog, similar benefits can be found elsewhere. The difference here is that these benefits can be found more efficiently within the same communities a blogger should already be spending their time anyway. This efficiency is an invaluable asset to any blog owner who is familiar with the time demands a blog can place on their daily schedule.