Sharing Documents Can Help Build Your Online Brand

If you haven’t noticed yet there are many ways now to share your personal or business documents online with others. All those company reports, business presentations, and mind blowing graphs and charts that you might have just laying around on your hard drive collecting dust might come in handy after all. Document sharing has become a very important and crucial ingredient when it comes to the world of SEO. Sharing documents online has helped business increase their visibility in great new way.

The search engine marketing industry is going through radical important changes and will most likely continue to change as time goes on. With more of a marketing approach required for business to use online document sharing is a great way to improve one’s visibility. With so many documents floating around at many businesses at some point these websites realized that there could be some really great SEO value in the documents themselves. It has opened a whole new way of sharing information online. Document sharing has allowed a business to put life back into those reports that might have taken hours to complete only for no one to really see and appreciate. Many of these sharing websites also give users the ability to post a widget on their website showcasing their uploaded documents which is a great way to further promote a business in the online space.

Here are some of the top document sharing websites that you can use to share your info:

  1. DocStoc: DocStoc is one of the top leading sources right now to share all your documents online. There are roughly about 10-12K businesses using this website currently sharing any and all documents that they might have sitting around. The great thing is that DocStoc is totally free to the public. If you are a business and you need a great place this will do it. They also support all document types including doc, pdf, xls, ppt, and txt so whatever you have should work just fine.
  2. Scribd: Scribd is another great resource as well for sharing documents online. Scribd’s target audience is more along the lines of individual users rather than business entities so if you are a freelancer, author or just in it for yourself Scribd would be a great resource. Scribd also is a bit more open to their categories including areas such as career, medical, pets, sports, technology and many more. DocStoc tends to be much more business oriented than Scribd. Scribd is also free which makes it a great choice for many to take advantage of during bleak economic times. They also accept many more file types including images like jpg, gif, tiff along with some that I have really never heard of which makes them a little more versatile to use.
  3. Yudu: Personally I really like Yudu. It’s easy to use friendly exterior makes it very inviting and exciting to even want to sign up and create a user name and password. Much like the others Yudu is also free to upload also which makes things nice for the user.

Who will make the cut at the end of the day? These types of services seem to be popping up all over the internet. Kind of like when video sharing online first took off and a vast amount of video sharing website found their way into the limelight so have these. If you search around many of the subpar video sharing sites now have gone to waste and almost have an abandoned feeling when you arrive to their home page. Will the document sharing websites end up like this? After all the excitement and the hype which ones will be left victorious and standing and which will be littered with ads to keep hosting costs above water? Regardless the document sharing websites have become a very important part of search engine marketing and will most likely continue to pay an important role in SEO and driving relevant links and supporting a brand.