SEO Blunders: Too dangerous to handle

Search engine optimization though a tool to promote an online business, sometimes turn out to be the main cause of destruction of any business. Here are few blunders you must avoid if you don’t want to lose your business:


1. Making use of duplicate content: If you are happy increasing the pages of your website by simply copying text from other’s websites then you are the biggest fool on this earth (sorry for saying this straight forwardly). This is not just theft but the invitation to ask Google to visit your site and penalize it. Though SEO says you must have good number of pages but obviously they need to be of your own i.e. original and informative.


2. Just relying on submissions: It is yet another mistake committed by most of the ignorant people. For many web masters or even inexperienced SEO people SEO is just submission. It involves writing an article and putting it on hundreds or thousands of websites. If you are thinking this is going to bring you on top then you better stop day dreaming. Although submissions help in increasing link popularity but it still involves taking care of few restrictions like using quality article and submitting to few reputed sites only. Better would be to submit original article for every directory.


3. Focusing just on social bookmarking: Although social media has proved to be a boon for online promotion still it would be childish to treat this as the sole SEO. Adding followers or friends can just add your list but not your business advantage.


4. Not relying on blog posting and commenting: It is yet another mistake committed by most of the ignorant people. For most of the webmasters just website content pages are enough to attract visitors as well as search engines. However they are totally wrong. Google appreciates useful information as much as possible. In addition it gives preference to websites that offer something unique and new every day. That is the reason why the news websites are on top even with the current news.  You must keep on posting new posts on your blog every day as this is undoubtedly the best way to please search engines and increase visitors as well as prospective customers etc.


The above mentioned are just few ways to avoid SEO online services blunders and obtain fruitful results that are not just effective but long term as well. Remember real SEO is attracting visitors and search engines naturally. You should not try to compel users to visit your website as this is just going to increase your bounce rate and nothing else.


As a genuine advice you must focus on each and every aspect of SEO. You must give room to every tool of SEO including submissions, link building, social bookmarking, forum posting, blog commenting and so on. So stop committing SEO blunders and make use of right strategy to promote your business, after all it is your business and you know best how to run it.