What is the Bare Minimum You Should Accept From Your Email Marketing Services?

What is are the basic and most important features of an email marketing service?

Deciding to pick up email marketing was probably a tough decision. Brace yourself because it gets even harder when you enter the process of deciding on a service provider. Not only is this decision difficult, it is also important, meaning you need to set some standards and stick by them. Without further ado, this is the absolute bare minimum you should accept from your email marketing services:

Respectable Deliverability Rates

It would be nice if every message you sent to your subscribers arrived at its intended destination on time, every time. Unfortunately, this is not the case in today’s internet world. There are a number of factors that could disrupt the arrival of your message, and most of them have to do with the nasty, never ending epidemic known as spam. While whether or not your message gets delivered is ultimately up to you, your email marketing service provider also plays a role. It would be a shame if you were playing everything by the book only to find yourself blacklisted because of your provider’s shady reputation. Deliverability is the very reason you need a partner in this game, so the company you have trusted with your marketing should be doing everything in their power to keep your message in the inbox.

Great Support

There are some email marketing services that you just can’t do without. Solid customer support falls in that category. Maybe you need to know why your login ID and password is not giving you access to your account, maybe you have a question about how to import your existing contacts into the system. Whatever it is, you need to know that you can get in touch with someone behind the scenes when that time calls. Some email marketing service providers excel in the customer support department and pride themselves on being responsive and helpful. Others are slacking at best, and this is something you just shouldn’t tolerate, especially when you are paying customer.

To Have All Your Expectations Met

Above all, your email marketing services should be living up to all of your expectations. By this we mean that you should receive everything you were promised before signing up and more. So how could a company fail to live up to your expectations? They could let you down in many ways, including by leaving you stuck with software that doesn’t perform as advertised and worst of all, surprising you with hidden charges you weren’t made aware of from the outset. When your expectations are not being met, it is a sign that the relationship has hit a major snag.


By now, you should know where this article stands on the matter of what you should accept from your email marketing services. If not, the moral is this - never settle for less. Email marketing is a great tool and a company that can’t properly service your needs should never stand in the way of you and success.